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“Ever been told that you’re mad thinking that you could have your own successful business that actually makes money?”

Do you often hear the stories about those around you, who are probably not as smart as you, regularly making money in their own business? You’re not on your own. I’ve personally felt that same frustration when you see people around you succeeding, while you ask yourself what you’re doing wrong and what do you need to do to achieve the same results.

What’s the secret?

Do I need to be in some sort of secret “inner circle”? What do 6 and 7 figure earners know that I don’t?

These sorts of thoughts used to keep me up at night, and often-times I would work most of the night in the hope of learning the ‘secret’.

I remember feeling frustrated and confused. Back in mid-2011, I was that guy with a ton of debt; I had paid for everything on credit cards and higher purchase; and arguments over this sort of thing were becoming all too frequent.

Despite having a good job, like many people, I spent more than I made; and in this regard, I was my own worst enemy.

I remember reading dozens of success stories which helped me keep going when I was anything but successful.

In fact, my version of “success” at that time was a 50+ hour a week job, thousands of kilometres from the ones I loved, working for a boss who didn’t deserve my time, let alone my skills. 

Add that on top of my feelings of discontent and frustration, and I was not in a happy place. I was miserable.

Honestly, I was always thinking about making some sort of change to improve my situation, but I was so scared to do it because the money was keeping me afloat; and I figured, at least I had a job.

But inside I knew this was not my idea of success; and I began thinking more and more about what I wanted to do with my life; the “bucket list” and that sort of thing.

I’ve always known that if I had one shot at life, I wanted to do more and have no regrets at the end of it all.

  • But who was I?
  • What authority did I have?
  • Who was going to listen to me?
  • What could I possibly give that would help people?

And because of all my mental road blocks, I found myself making excuses and going nowhere at all.

At one point, I fell into a deep depression and ended up on a mix of antidepressants and sleeping pills to help get by.

I felt so lost and so trapped, that I almost gave it all up.

Then during my next interstate work assignment, whilst sitting in an airport lounge, I made a decision that would change everything. I was excited about what I decided to do and couldn’t wait to visit head office as soon as I returned home.

“This was the day I would say my last goodbye’s and walk out the door for good.”

I found it very easy to leave; and in no time I was out of a job with no plans for my future.

But I was terrified about what I’d just done because I’d just left behind a high 6 figure income in what seemed like a few seconds.

Had I finally lost my marbles?

I remember thinking even though I’ve got a good reason WHY I should do what I was doing, was it going to work out for me?

And like many “newbies” starting out, I thought how hard could it be? I mean, the gurus are all telling me it’s about relationship building, and giving more than you receive and all that stuff.

And that’s all fine if you don’t need food, a place to live or have any other responsibilities [like dependants, bills & so on].

Over the last few years of my employment, I’d worked myself into a good position by saving some money each week. I was on a good income and there was enough left over for me to build up a good little buffer. And from the moment I left my employment, I spent money like there was no tomorrow looking for a software solution that would give me both a direction and results.

And as the months ticked by, I continued to spend many thousands of dollars on various software trying to work out the best way forward. And because I love software, it was easy to spend it without thinking of the consequence. And to be totally honest, at the time I got a rush from buying new gizmo’s and gadgets.

“None of this was risky or a problem – at least that’s what I kept telling myself”

On top of buying all this software, I was also attending product launches and downloading affiliate offers searching for the golden ticket, the secret sauce to fast tracking my success. After all I had a job, and I could afford these things, right? WRONG.

And it was then that I had a moment of pure terror remembering that I’d resigned and had zero ongoing income!

The money I had was all going out and there was nothing coming back in.

What had I done?

What if this didn’t work?

And despite all of this, my reasons for why I quit were still very strong, and even though I wasn’t bringing in any money, I was determined to find something that would work. I had to…before I ran out of the money I’d saved.

And during my bright shiny object love affair, I was the ultimate opportunity seeker – buying every new piece of software, getting involved with every single new affiliate opportunity and buying business in a box solutions promising to deliver my fortune. 

I was so determined never to go back, I even went as far as investing $8,997.00 for a license to promote someone else’s products.

Talk about a serious leap of faith!

Or was it stupidity in disguise?

In the first 18 months of that license I spent way more than I made; all up, I ended up in a deep hole and over $34k out of pocket. So much for being an educated, street smart type of guy; instead, I felt really stupid – I fell for every opportunity that came my way.

“Bright shiny objects had control of me!”

How could I still fall for these things and be so gullible?

All that said, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from making decisions, is that had I not made any, I would not have known any better, nor would I be any wiser.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt, that I want to share with you, is that by persevering I was able to find something that works and achieve a break through that had I given up, I would never have found.

And the sum of my experiences [good and bad] resulted in a program that you can now own, called BE THE BANK.


With this multi-module program you’ll have access to information that puts your money getting strategy miles ahead of your competitors. But this is just the beginning…

Understand that I have had to work hard to reach my level of success.

And while you most likely won’t achieve success overnight, I have put together this program to ensure that you achieve your goals without spending loads of money or tons of time to get there.

Instead of making bad decisions, Be The Bank is designed to help you avoid the heartache of starting a traffic business while enjoying its benefits.

The solutions that are presented here are easy to follow and can be used right away so you can “be the bank” and start generating cash for your business.

With this product, you can start to understand how your business can grow with simple steps that most business owners don’t use.

Your business will be major steps ahead of others like it and you will start to see a positive impact on your bottom line.

The best part is that the techniques I show you here don’t require a lot of time or learning to master. All you need to do is follow the steps and watch how they impact your bottom line.

And here’s the main topic areas you’ll find inside the program:

  • Foundations of buying and selling traffic – what you must know to be successful
  • Part 1 of Funnels with a focus on traffic coming into your business
  • Part 2 of Funnels with a focus on what to do when you receive a request for traffic
  • Identifying your ideal Buyer Avatar – to enable you to pinpoint target the right customers for your business
  • How to build your traffic funnel – with detailed instructions on the important process of funnel creation
  • What to look for in traffic sellers if you are buying traffic
  • Understanding click through rates to maximise your earnings whilst reducing cost
  • The importance of delivering good customer service and how it will boost your reputation and your results.
  • Transcripts for each and every module are also provided.

But now, let’s go a little deeper…

Howdy, my name’s Rick Nuske, and I live in Adelaide, South Australia.

And a few years ago, I found myself working in a job that left me unfulfilled, unhappy and completely bored.

Given how much time I actually spent working and travelling for my job, I started to realize that something had to change. I wasn’t living the life of “success” that I had once imagined and it certainly wasn’t what I enjoyed doing.

“I want more for my life and my family, but where do I start?”

It was after returning home from one of my many business trips that I realized I had to make a change fast.

To make things worse, we learnt that our baby boy was to be fitted with pins and casts on both legs in an attempt to fix a problem.

This news was so upsetting that at that point I vowed never to travel for work again so I could be there for my family.

As was so often the case, I was booked to leave on yet another trip a few days later; but this time I knew that I’d already made the decision to take action.

And regardless of making good money working for someone else, I didn’t care because I wanted out.

I wasn’t happy and something needed to change.

I’d switched my focus to spending more time with my family and working a lot less hours.

It was time for me to take control of my life and my future by doing what I wanted to do.

At this point I knew I had never really challenged myself and that my only goal up until now was to work hard to support my family.

I also knew that there just had to be a better way.

Fast forward a few years, and after of a lot of hard work, investment and truck loads of personal determination, I was able to build my own successful small business; and I now hire a team of people to help run My Future Business.

And as you go through the information provided in this program, you’ll start to realize that getting to this point was not easy.

I’ve worked extremely hard to uncover the techniques that have now become an important part of my business.

And it’s now your turn to save time by learning these techniques so that you can create your own success and spend more time with your family and friends, doing what you choose to do.

And even if you’re someone who knows nothing about starting a business from scratch, you can still use these techniques to create a business that will lead you to improved financial stability.

Take note that this program was developed to help you build a successful business using a proven combination of email, copy writing and current technology. And importantly, don’t worry if this all sounds overwhelming; it’s all broken down into bite size, easy to understand, easy to use content.

And while you won’t have to endure all of the trial and error I did to find your success, it is up to you to do the work that will provide you with an enjoyable and fulfilled life.

Here’s how I got started…

As you know, I was completely over my role as a corporate guy.

And looking back, the last days working towards building someone else’s wealth were a blessing in disguise because it made me seek out alternate ways to make a living and provide for my family.

I started out learning as much as I could about the opportunities available to me that would also provide me with a more flexible schedule.

I reached out to dozens of people in the small business and direct marketing field who were successful and started to model my business around theirs.

And although there was a lot of trial and error along the way, I eventually found a path that allowed me to experience success.

And one of the very first things I did early on was to start selling other people’s products as an affiliate; and this gave me a great understanding of how digital marketing worked.

It also taught me how to do it as well as what not to do.

The major lesson I learnt was how to market myself effectively; and amongst other things, this involved knowing how to write good copy that would help drive traffic to the offers I was promoting.

After a while, I realized that I could also create information products to sell myself; so naturally, I began developing my own.

And over time, information products introduced a reliable revenue stream into the business that I still use today.

In talking about information products, and with my strong focus on small business development, I decided to hire some specialist in their chosen fields to create several high quality programs packed full of information on how to build and run a traditional business but with a heavy focus on getting sales in the digital environment.

“It’s True, Traditional Small Business Owners Don’t Do Digital Marketing Very Well”

Over time I started to invest more and more into developing the digital marketing part of my business because this was an area that traditional business owners often overlooked or did poorly.

The real opportunity I see [and my main focus] is to help traditional small business owners who leave money on the table because they don’t know how to take full advantage of the internet.

Sure, some traditional small business owners might have a website; but I found through experience that the majority have nearly no idea about how to get new people in front of their business and convert them into paying customers.

And this is where having a solid understanding of the importance of traffic comes into my story.

I learnt the hard way that without traffic, no one was seeing the offers I promoted or the products that I created.

The types of traffic that you need [people who are interested in what you have to offer] changes depending on the type of business you have.

And regardless of if you have an on-line / off-line retail business, you only sell digital information products, or you’re focussed on affiliate marketing; traffic will always be a major part of your business.

I first realized the importance of traffic as an affiliate marketer when it became crystal clear that to make money, I had to find and then drive targeted traffic to my offers. On top of that, I realized that in addition to selling other people’s products as well as my own, I enjoyed showing people how to be successful doing what I was doing.

“Needless to say, finding and selling targeted traffic became a big part of my business”

It was through learning how to find and sell traffic that I started to understand digital marketing on a whole new level and started focusing on a way to sell traffic full time.

When I first started out, most of the traffic I sourced to promote my offers was through ‘solo ads’ which were off of people who had their own email lists and were a good fit with what I was offering.

And the beauty of solo ads is that their use can be applied to any market provided you find the right solo ad vendor to promote your offers.

I’ve found that early in your business development, one of the easiest ways to build your business is through the use of solo ads. And as solo ads are such a simple and profitable process, I’ve focus the majority of Be The Bank on this specific topic. solo seller logo So what’s a Solo Ad?

In general terms, a solo ad is an easy way to build your email list.

It’s where you pay someone to email your offer to their list; and this is usually done by contacting a seller who has a quality list that can generate positive results for your offer.

When you can use a seller who has a large list, you significantly enhance your chances for success. Once your offer is distributed, the people who respond to it will then join your email list.

“Digital marketers know that without a responsive email list, it’s difficult to be profitable”

It can take many years to build an email list; but with solo ads, a list can be built very quickly with little effort when done correctly.

It’s important that you choose a seller that’s not only reputable, but has a list that will respond to your specific type of offer.

In choosing solo ad sellers [vendors], the quality of their list is one thing; but if they have a list that is not updated regularly, you may end up wasting money sending your offer to a list with people who aren’t interested in your offer.

But if their list is constantly changing and updated, you stand a better chance of getting your offer in front of people who are actively looking for what you’re trying to sell.

And inside Be The Bank, you’ll uncover everything you need to profit from solo ads without all the stress normally associated with learning the ropes on your own.

“The best part about Be The Bank is that it’s focused on the needs of buyers and sellers”

Remember that solo ads are the fastest way to build your list and get people looking at your offers.

And you want that list to include people who are your target audience for the best long-term results.

And inside Be The Bank you’ll see exactly how to:

  • Become a profitable solo ad seller
  • Find and select reputable solo ad sellers to buy from
  • Improve your long-term profitability using solo ads
  • Seek client feedback before you buy a solo ad from a new seller
  • Use client feedback to your advantage in your own traffic business
  • Build trust and credibility with your target audience
  • Use social media as a launch pad for your solo business
  • Apply what you learn for best results in your business
  • Adopt an effective method for improving results
  • Optimize your squeeze pages to gain the most subscribers
  • Set up your funnel to turn interested people into paying customers, and
  • Analyse performance for maximum opt ins to your email list.

With the knowledge that I’ve gained from my experiences, I can now help you to start your own profitable traffic business. And I’m keen to share everything with you. I’m going to tell you what you should do when:

  • Your chosen solo ad seller has recently sent out a similar offer to their list
  • You’re only starting out [on the buying side] and need to build your list quickly
  • You’re ready to build your own traffic business selling solo ads…and much more!

Think about it. When you buy traffic, you only make money when people respond to your offer.

The statistics are against you on that as most people who opt in to your list don’t usually buy anything.

In fact, you’re doing well if you can get a 1% conversion rate on the traffic that you’ve purchased.

“When you’re the person selling the traffic, you make money no matter what!”

What’s more, the great thing about selling traffic is that your time investment with each customer is both minimal and scalable depending on the size of solo ad they purchase from you.

Meaning the time you spend with each customer will change depending on the amount of money they invest with sending a solo ad to your list.

With a purely digital business it’s very easy to forget that your business is actually a real business.

And when you treat it as a real business, you increase your likelihood of success, and the speed at which you succeed rapidly increases.

be_the_bank_testimonial_wez_craker be_the_bank_testimonial_luke_evans be_the_bank_testimonial_-_anthony_carlotta

When you started your business, you probably had specific goals in mind of what you want to accomplish. And in order to achieve those goals, you will first need to realize that you won’t be able to learn and do everything all by yourself.

Having someone who has already been where you want to go is the only way to make progress if you’re serious about the future of your business.

Here’s a few ways where Be The Bank will guide you towards building a better, more profitable traffic business by:

  • Reducing distractions whilst improving performance and maintaining momentum
  • Staying motivated using the skills, experience and insights of people around you
  • Finding like-minded individuals to guide the development of your business
  • Writing irresistible email headlines that convert, and importantly
  • Understanding and following the three phases of your new business for maximum results…and much more!

“With your own traffic business you can Be The Bank”


And with Be The Bank, instead of waiting for the traffic you buy to bring you sales, for a small one-time investment, you can actually sell traffic yourself and create a new and reliable revenue stream.

Get all of this for a ridiculously low $97

Let’s recap the main topic areas you’ll find inside the program – inside Be The Bank you’ll uncover:

  • Foundations of buying and selling traffic – what you must know to be successful
  • Part 1 of Funnels with a focus on traffic coming into your business
  • Part 2 of Funnels with a focus on what to do when you receive a request for traffic
  • Identifying your ideal Buyer Avatar – to enable you to pinpoint target the right customers for your business
  • How to build your traffic funnel – with detailed instructions on the important process of funnel creation
  • What to look for in traffic sellers if you are buying traffic
  • Understanding click through rates to maximise your earnings whilst reducing cost
  • The importance of delivering good customer service and how it will boost your reputation and your results.
  • Transcripts for each and every module are also provided.

“You’ll always have a steady stream of customers investing in your ‘click currency’”

The main point to keep in mind is that every business needs traffic [new people interested in what you have to offer], and this definitely includes traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Every business needs to keep new people [‘traffic’] coming to their location; and this can be done through the use of solo ads / email marketing. 

And putting solo ads to the side for a second; if you’re new to email marketing and freaking out just a little…you can access my Email Marketing Success program by clicking this link or the image below:


email marketing success

By introducing you to my story, and sharing a little bit about what I went through to create my own traffic business, it is my hope that you will be able to apply the strategies and tips I make available inside Be The Bank into your own business regardless of if you’re a buyer, a seller or both.

My goal is to help you create new income streams that will bring you greater financial stability.

And when you decide that Be The Bank is for you; there’s also an iron-clad satisfaction guarantee.

And this means that if for whatever reason, you’re not completely happy with the program, make contact with me and I’ll buy it back from you with absolutely no questions asked. I’ve made sure there’s zero risk to you.

Be The Bank Guarantee

But Rick, I have some questions first…

Right about now it’s completely normal to have questions about the offer presented to you here.

And I’ve found from the feedback of my students, that one of the best ways to learn more about building a list, doing paid advertising and selling traffic is by actually giving it a go.

And remember – you’ve nothing to lose because the risk is all on me!

I’ve listed some commonly asked questions below to help you move your business forward sooner:

Q: If I want my money back can I get it?

A: Yes – simply contact me within 30 days and I will buy Be The Bank back from you, no questions asked.

Q: How do I access the program?

A: You will receive an automatically generated user name and password to your new members area inside the My Future Business site – simply enter your unique user name and password and you will be taken to your members area.

Q: Can you help me learn everything I need to profit from buying and selling traffic?

A: Yes – I will provide everything inside Be The Bank that you need to know about so you can buy and sell traffic.

bonus image

Also…because I want to give you every opportunity to succeed in your business, I’ve put together this cool bonus to sweeten the deal even more.  

So when you buy Be The Bank today, I’ve decided to give you immediate lifetime access to one of the best pieces of WordPress software available today that will help you get even more sales.

And it’s called..

exit cash machine 2 banner image

And instead of trying to explain how powerful this plugin for your WordPress website is using more words, simply click below and check out this short video of what Exit Cash Machine 2.0 [valued at $247] can do for your business:

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There’s zero risk to you.

And I’ll buy it back from you if you are not completely happy – no questions asked.

And to show you how confident I am in Be The Bank, if after going through the program and you still decide to ask for your money back…

I’m going to let you keep Exit Cash Machine 2.0 just for trying it out.

It’s a win-win for you!