Book Your Complimentary Call With Rick Nuske

Yes, I'm ready to book my complimentary call with Rick. And here's what I'm doing to get started...

I'm applying to talk with RICK NUSKE about building a conversion-focused marketing system & sales funnel. 

And in doing so, I'm showing him that I'm the real deal and that I'm ready and willing to do what is needed to get results.

This is what I know will happen next...

After I fill in and send the application form below, two things will happen...

I will be redirected to a booking page where I choose a date and time for my initial call with Rick.

I will also receive an email containing further information about the initial call and program details.

During that initial call, Rick and I will mutually determine if this is right for me.

If Rick and I decide we're not a good 'fit', I continue on my way, no harm, no foul.

And if I think Rick has wasted my time, not only will he give me immediate access to all of the information programs he owns including...

Email Marketing Success

Fast Track Info-Product Creation

Inside Outsourcing

Successful Affiliate Marketing 101

Welcome To The Show 1.0

He will also give me free lifetime access to my own Top Tier Directory Website that helps me connect with my best prospects - and he's doing all of this because he's the real deal and doesn't waste time or muck people around.

And if we decide we're a good fit, I will become a client.

At that point, Rick will share the investment details and terms of the arrangement.

I know that I have the freedom to cancel and request a full refund without question.

That said, I also know this is a great investment to work alongside an experienced, trustworthy professional who can ask many times the asking price.

I also know that if I do cancel within the agreed period...

The help provided by Rick will immediately stop.

I will lose access to Rick and all of the information he has provided.

I will also lose access to the bonus information programs outlined above.


However, if I become a client, I'll be talking with Rick every week.

I'll get unlimited access to Rick using various tools including email, videos, and video/voice communication.

The SOLE PURPOSE of this relationship is to map out and build a conversion-focused podcast marketing system and sales funnel that systematically attracts podcast interview viewers, nurtures them, and ultimately, converts them into customers.

If at any time, I want to leave the relationship, I'm free to make that decision.

From here, SCROLL DOWN and fill in the initial strategy session form below...

Enter Your Details Below, Then Click Send My Application.

On the next page, enter your details, and choose a date and time for your call with Rick.

Complimentary Call with Rick
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