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If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner who is open to making money from information you already would you like to...

"Fast Track Your Information Product Creation And Experience Rapid And Repeatable Financial Results"

After creating literally dozens of information based products, it’s now time to reveal my fast-track method for creating your own profitable info-products!

I Want You To Discover My Foolproof Formula For Creating Information Products That’ll Explode Your Income, Create Customers For Life, And Make You The “Go-To’ Business In Your Niche – Even If You Have Zero Talent Or Experience!

For The Very First Time, I’ve Taken A Deep Dive Into Over A Decade of My Personal Stash To Uncover Exactly What I Was Doing That Made Customers TRULY Want What I Had When It Comes To Creating Profitable Information Products.

Read On To See What It Is…

From: Rick Nuske

Re: My Fast-Track Info-Product Creation Process That Makes You Sales Date: Thursday, 7:35pm  

Dear Business Owner,

Over the years I’ve been really quite lucky.

I’ve been able to put together more information products in the last decade that have changed the course of my business and the direction of those who now own my information products.

We’re talking everything from my ‘ho-hum’ stuff really early on in my information product creation career to others that have been extremely good sellers.

My information products have created a stream of great customers who buy from me time and time again; and without any prompting. A few of my best ones include Email Marketing Success.

My Email Marketing Success has continued to attract new buyers since early 2009 and is expected to continue.

This is an INFORMATION PRODUCT that ushers in new customers to the world of email marketing.

This one product on its own is responsible for generating thousands of dollars every month for My Future Business. 

In fact, it’s currently in the top three best sellers.

And I share this so you appreciate that I actually know a thing or two when it comes to creating information products that sell.

But there’s about 95% of information marketers who get it terribly wrong…and this is how:

“Building High Quality Information Products Isn’t Just About Whacking Together a Bunch of Random Stuff to Sell to People, Grabbing Their Cash and Disappearing”

I’ve seen it time and time again; inexperienced people…[including some of my own one-on-one clients] stuffing it up.

They think “hey, if I just put together some content that educates my buyer on how to do things, I’ll make a mint…” Sorry.

As an example, if you’re someone that sells business systems, and you provide a guarantee that it will improve your prospects business by 90%, there are many possibilities that it will not come even close to achieving this because it’s missing critical ingredients needed to make the system irresistible and attractive to prospects.

The point I’m making is that the days of whacking information together and pushing it on your customers is long dead.

What worked even last year, no longer works.

And the worse thing is though most information product marketers are doing exactly that – continuing to push old techniques onto savvy consumers.

You see, there’s a whole lot more going on in the minds of your prospects.

There’s a long list of psychological trigger that need to be fired inside your information products that are designed to lift its selling potential and encourages your customers to buy from you over and over again.

The Unforeseen Traps In Taking The One-Sale Approach To Your Information Product Creation And Marketing:

I get it, trying to go for the “take this , learn this, apply this” idea into your information marketing strategy…and that’s why you’ll go badly wrong from the start.

And you’ll probably waste a LOT of your time and cash money. OUCH!

This approach has a nasty side-effect in that people will NOT buy your information products.

That’s not completely fair…you might get a few random sales…but it’s unlikely to last long; at least not years like Email Marketing Success.

And if they do buy your information products, how many will bother taking off the wrapper and actually consume your content and implement it in their own businesses?

And this is the saddest part for most information marketers today.

Building their information products, creating their video sales letters, setting up their membership sites and so on…All for a few random sales…if any and even fewer who buy even use it. Might as well sell them a bag of air!

It’s been estimated that up to 90% of information products FAIL. Why?

Simply because the people putting these product together are taking a very shallow and insincere approach which has the effect of creating a great deal of dissatisfaction.

That being the case, there’s a much better way to improve your own results.

I’ve watched and modelled the big guns in various industries and I’ve implemented the best of the best to give My Future Business the very best opportunity to succeed.

Now it’s not uncommon for clients to invest several thousands of dollars to pick my brains and nor is it unusual for business owners to come to me for advice.

And this was where I decided to open up and share what I know in a way that was much more likely to reach you.

Welcome to…

My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program.

650x280_dark_blue_background FAST TRACK INFO PRODUCT CREATION

Here’s The Only Information Product Creation Formula You’ll Ever Need To Create Products That Continue Selling For Years To Come And Gets Customers Coming Back For More.

My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program is my own personal compilation used in My Future Business to create evergreen sales year in, year out.

And there’s an important psychological element to get more sales entrenched in each one.

But this program is ONLY for small business owners who are serious about building a better, more profitable business, that adds a lucrative information product arm to their business.

And if that’s you, here’s what you get for taking action today: 9 video modules:

  1. Introduction and product type overview
  2. Creating your introductory product
  3. Creating a continuity program with membership sites
  4. Creating high priced speciality offers
  5. Introducing live events into your product line
  6. Providing group coaching
  7. Performing client services on behalf of your clients
  8. Personal coaching for your clients
  9. Making your info-marketing business a success…and much more.

And if reading is more your thing, the program comes complete with 9 comprehensive transcripts containing word for word commentary found throughout the program.

This alone is a fantastic resource for your future reference.

If you’re more the listening type, you can download each video and listen to them on your digital device anywhere you like.

This is not a program that you’ll put down.

Neither is it a product that gets used as a bookend or as a table to prop up your computer screen. And here’s why…

Creating profitable information products is not as simple as it might seem.

It’s not like you can just cram some information together in a haphazard way and expect it to sell. No.

What I’m about to share with you doesn’t nickel and dime anyone.

And I’ve not taken any short cuts creating this program.

And yes, unfortunately there are people in the hunt for a quick buck and this is why you need to know what to look in a good quality information product so you can avoid disappointment.

The reality is that information product creation is not easy to get right if you’ve never tried it or you don’t know the formula for success; and with the My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program I’m about to give you an easy way to achieve massive results with your own information products.

This program is about creating long-living assets for your business that continue to create revenue for your business long into the future.

And it’s about having happy satisfied customers buying from you again and again.

By using what I give you, you will separate yourself from those competitors who take dangerous short cuts by whacking together something they call an information product looking for the quick sale.

These guys are hurting everyone and you need to do everything you can to stand out.

Can you imagine having your own library of information products that are what is known as ‘evergreen’?

I mean, evergreen products are products that never get old and always deliver value that changes businesses no matter how long they’ve been in circulation.

It’s great getting sales over and over from the same program.

On top of that, good information products have a tendency to attract the sort of customers you’re looking for.

They’re targeted hot leads that will not only buy from you now, they’ll buy from you in the future because you’re giving them what they need and what they want.

And with My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program, you’ll achieve exactly that.

my_fast_track_info_3d_cover clear

Let me share some more of the things you’ll find inside My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program…

It reveals the most important rule of creating high performing, best-selling information products that you need to know to ensure they survive long term in most markets.

And this secret is the reason industry leader’s products have stood the test of time over many years!

Why you need to diversify your information product offers and build them with equity in mind and not so much on income that they generate. [This is absolute gold]

The importance of knowing why controlling your own destiny depends in part to the quality of your information products and what you need to do to stay in control.

The number one reason most information products fail and what you can do to avoid it by making sure you do one thing for your customers every single time.

The most effective way to create a product around something you know about or are interested in; and where you can find experts to help you.

Why good enough is good enough in the beginning [this will help you achieve more sooner].

Six simple strategies that you can cut and paste and use in your own business [these steps are CRITICAL to your success but only take seconds to do].

The entire method for attract your perfect customer and shaping their behaviour using your information product. [This is how I sell every single product – do it or miss out].

And just so much more!


My Fast Track Info-Product Creation Is Made To Build YOU A Better, More Profitable Business Sooner!

And If This Sounds Like You…

You’ve already got a lot of experience and now you’re looking to expand your bag of tricks to boost your income.

You’ll find an array of tactics inside that will see your products sell for a long time to come.

Or you’re just starting out, taking your very first step and you want to learn most of what there is to know as soon as possible.

I know that the best way forward for you is to access and implement specialised knowledge found inside the program.

I know this formula works.

Or maybe you’re that person that’s been trying hard to do it all on your own without any guidance using Google to guide your information product creation process.

This is a sure fire way to kill off your information marketing business before it even starts.

It could be you’re that person who’s launched a few bombs [info-products that fail] and has lost all confidence in information products.

Inside you’ll find specific and very detailed information that leans on the specialised knowledge of over a dozen industry leaders.

Take years off the learning curve by going straight to the source of what’s working now.

All tested, proven and automated.

In many ways this is about making you money by saving you time and keeping your money in your pocket.

I want to save you the headache and from beating yourself up over the results you’re getting at the moment.

You will succeed with the right guidance.

I’m taking months off your personal learning curve, I’m saving you many THOUSANDS of dollars, and I’m helping you build profitable information products that sell over and over.

What I’m giving you here is worth at least $4390.

But That’s Not What You Pay!

Because of my personal mission to help as many small businesses as possible to survive and thrive, I’m going to let you have My Fast Track Info-Product Creation Formula for a tiny $197.

Just think about this price for a second…

You’ll probably spend more on things like coffee and pizza in a month.

And think about this too; with what you learn inside, in no time you’ll have your own profitable information products that sell like hot potato’s!

I want you to have this proven formula so you can successfully create your own profitable info-products fast with very little cost at all.

And this applies to you even if you’ve never done anything like this before.


You’re also protected by the My Future Business Generous Double Guarantee



Your First Guarantee:

You have a full 30 days to deep dive into everything, and use it as you like.

And if for any reason at all, you want a refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back straight away no questions asked.

You don’t need any excuses.

There will be no questions, no hassle, no fine print.  

Importantly; as My Future Business is committed to helping small businesses and working with happy clients, if you’re not going to profit from the system, we would prefer to buy it back.

Your Second Guarantee:

If you keep this package after the first 30 days, we’ll be here with you for another 11 months and if, after a full year from purchase, you can show us proof that you have used at least one strategy or tool from the My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program, and you can ‘look us in the eye’ on paper and tell us that you didn’t get your money’s worth, I’ll still refund every cent you’ve paid.

So try out My Fast Track Info-Product Creation program in your own business.  

Implement what you find and turn your info-products into cash-creating magnets.

And if you’re not satisfied, contact the My Future Business Customer Care team and we’ll refund every cent.  

No questions asked, no hassle.  And we’ll still be friends.

So You Can Go It Alone, Or You Can Get What Works Straight From Someone Who’s Created Dozens Of His Own Profitable Information Products That Sell.

This is an easy decision. 

I’ve created dozens of tested and proven info-products in every area of business.

So I know what works and how to keep your product selling long into the future.

None of this is theory; it is tested and proven to work in My Future Business before even being released.

I have to know it works before I’d even consider making it available for you to use in your own business.

I’ve modelled the very best in the industry to make sure I’m consistently updating and using strategies that work.

This information marketing business is truly a business.

Not something that you can whack together and expect to do well with.

That attitude is a little silly and will end in disaster.

Lost time and thousands of dollars down the toilet.

It’s much wiser to go to the formula book, open it up, take in what you need, implement and profit.

Knowing full well that you’ve taken care to use the underlying principles and psychological triggers needed to make information products profitable.

You’ll get my not-so-common formula by adding My Fast Track Info-Product Creation to your cart right now…while it’s something you’re still thinking about it.

YES RICK! Send Me Your Tested & Proven Method For Creating Profitable Information Products Now!

  • I know that I won’t achieve the level of success without knowing the formula for creating profitable info-products.
  • I need to know how to create information products that sell over and over again and are targeted to my audience.
  • I know that there’s no risk whatsoever to me and even if I create only one profitable information product, my investment will be more than worth it.
  • I also know that because of the rock-solid guarantee being offered, I can’t lose and the risk is all on them.
  • I can try anything I like, use the bonus and return it for a refund if I’m not convinced the program was worth it.

Rick, I’m ready! Please send me My Fast Track Info-Product Creation so I can fast-track my success with my own profitable and evergreen information products.


Rick Nuske






ps: although you might question my ability to deliver and dismiss my ideas as out of date, they are anything but. I’m currently working with a number of different businesses in different industries to improve their marketing performance. So there’s absolutely no fluff here. Just proven, in-the-trenches material designed so you can achieve greater returns every month. So don’t procrastinate, order My Fast Track Info-Product Creation today!

pps: don’t be simple by thinking you can slap some stuff together, add a pretty cover you found of Fiverr, and then try to sell it. Not only will it not sell, you’ll look the fool and lose all credibility – and I don’t want that for you or your business. Find out how to do it properly and create your own profitable info-products sooner.

To your rapid and sustained success!

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