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Outsourcing For Rapid Business Growth

In today’s video I’m talking with Jenny Jordan  about virtual assistants, outsourcing and where you can find and hire specialist outsourcing services.

Jenny’s a leading authority on the use of outsourcing to help you create a sustainable business. And today I’m lucky to be able to interview her about her own business to find out a little bit more about VA’s and how outsourcing will help you build better more profitable business sooner.

In the next 60 minutes or so you’ll see how Jenny goes about her business and how she has built a successful virtual assistance business from ground up. You’ll also get an understanding of how important strong relationships are within her team and how much she cares about the people she works with and serves.

There are dozens of people behind the scenes inside her business and you will be amazed at the business Jenny has built that you can benefit from. Your business needs to run smoothly, and things need to get done each day. And with Jenny’s help, you can achieve so much more whilst doing a lot less.

And one of the strategies you can use to make sure you get what you want is to make sure not to dish out too many instructions for your VA to follow all at once. And to keep things running smoothly,  Jenny talks about simplifying your request so that you can successfully have your tasks completed first time every time.

There are points throughout this interview that will make you stop and say to yourself:

I Could Definitely Use Outsourcing In My Business!

And yes, you definitely can benefit from using outsourcing regardless of the size of your business or your budget.

I’m very excited to have spent some time with Jenny and hope that you will take some value away from this interview. And to help you get started, we’ve provided some resources inside this post that you can use to download more information direct from Jenny.

Jenny’s also put together a short video that overviews her site which is well worth a look. But first, watch the podcast and then, when you’re ready to check out here site,  click the image below which will redirect you to her site.

I hope you enjoy this candid interview as much as I did, and that it makes you think about how outsourcing will help your business grow this year.

To get started with your own specialist VA assistant, click on the link below.

Click Here To Find Out More

ps: Jenny’s offering great discounts until the end of February, so get in now to avoid missing out.

pps: as always, let us know what you thought below.

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