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Wondering why I sent you a STINKING trash can?

I did it for 3 reasons…

  1. I needed a sure-fire way to get your attention. And I figured, who wouldn’t be at least a little bit curious when a rubbish bin shows up inside something like this?
  2. I also wanted to warn you that if you ignore or throw this away without thinking about it, you’re tossing out an incredible opportunity to improve the way you live and do business.
  3. And my focus is on finding the right people who need this and will take action as soon as they see what’s on offer.

But right now, if you’re still with me, I’d like to share example of a typical work day as I remember it to see if it looks or sounds anything like yours.

And the reason for doing this is really important, and later you’ll see why.

So if you’re like most people, the day starts early.

You rush around like a chicken with its head cut off getting ready, and before you know it, you’re out the door.

And on your way to work, you take half a dozen phone calls and scribble down some things you have to do.

And then you remember all the other things you still haven’t done from yesterday, so you add them to the list.  

But when you finally get to work, straight away people are in your face and you’re under the pump.

They want you to do this, and be there, and take this and do that. And this goes on all day.

And by the end of it, you’re physically tired and mentally drained.

And the moment you get home, slide the key in and open the front door; you ask yourself, ‘why is it so full-on every day”

And from there it takes you a couple of hours to wind down, and even longer to finally fall asleep.

Next morning, less than a handful of hours later, you get up and do it all again.

Does that day look anything like yours?

Could you see yourself in there at all?

If you said yes, you definitely deserve better; and here’s why…

Have you seen the movie GROUNDHOG DAY with Bill Murray?


Just in case you haven’t seen the movie, let me tell you what it’s about in one sentence.

It’s a movie where this guy lives the same day over and over again.

And it really sums up the INSANITY of living the same day over and over again with the same result. Nothing’s different.

And when I say this, I start thinking about Albert Einstein’s theory of insanity…and he said…

“Insanity is doing the SAME thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

And with the work day example I just shared with you, how could I possibly know anything about your own typical work day?

And even if I did get close to describing it pretty well, what’s the use of talking about it anyway?

And if that’s the case, and you want to know why I even mentioned it, then I have another question for you…

And remembering back to Einstein’s definition of insanity…what if I told you I could help you do something completely DIFFERENT each day, that would not only help bring in more money, but also gave you more choice about how you earnt it?

And what if I said this is something you could do even if you wanted to stay working where you are?

And would it make sense if you did something that made it easier to earn money?

And if so, would it be ok if I helped make things a little easier for you by helping you earn more?

And if you’re nodding your head YES, and you’d like my help to make things easier and help you earn more…then:

 “Not Only Are You About to Get the Most Effective Way I Know To Grow A Business and Quickly Produce Revenue from Scratch [I’m Also Going To Tell You How To Use It On Other People’s Information And Make A Healthy Profit]”

And to get the full picture, I need to tell you about how an old employer of mine made a simple mistake that helped me go from one of their hardest workers, into a laid back, cashed up business owner with almost no effort.

And if you relate to this case study and it gets you excited – you can do what I’m about to show you [after hours or even as your main business].

And the best part is that you’ll be doing it [without your own products or overheads].

And that’s the real secret I’m itching to tell you about.

I want you to see how you can get more results for the same [or less] effort than you already make in your day job and still get more money in your back pocket.

And if that’s interesting to you, and you want that, I’ll tell you everything you need to know in a minute.

But before I do, I’m gonna warn you that the case study I’m about to share with you, might hit a nerve.

And it’s probably going to remind you of something you’d rather forget and it might even drag up some old emotions.

And I know, because when it happened to me, I was in shock.

I just couldn’t believe it when they told me.

And after so long, I thought it would never happen to me.


These were two words I’d never worried about before.

And here I was, out the door.

In seconds I’d gone from having an income to losing the job I’d had for years, and for what?

In a blink of an eye, everything went completely upside down, and I really didn’t know why it happened?

But I do remember walking out the door, shoulders back, my head up…at least until I got in my car.

And I’d put on a brave face because I didn’t want anyone to see that I was really hurting.

And I started the car, reversed out, and left.

Not a minute later, I was crying like a baby, thinking what the hell was I going to do now?

That night I couldn’t sleep, I cried even more, and I worried more and more about what would happen to me.

And the rest of that first week was just awful.

And the weeks that followed got even harder.

What’s worse – I know I’m a worrier; and when I don’t have much control, I worry.

And because I didn’t know what was going to happen…I worried about it a lot.

And in those first few months after it all went pear-shaped; I struggled to bring in enough money to keep going.

In fact, I don’t remember making any money.

And not only was this whole thing was making me sick, I felt angry that I’d been kicked out like that.

I was starting to put on weight, I was losing sleep – everything was shit.

And the thing that worried me the most was that I still had to find a way to bring in the money or my bills wouldn’t get paid.

And if that happened, I’d be in even deeper shit.

And that’s the thing – my bills didn’t stop coming when the money stopped…so I got even more anxious.

And that got me thinking about my stuff I’d worked hard to get.

I could end up losing my home, my car, the lifestyle I was used to, and who knows, maybe my girl would get the shits on and leave me because I wasn’t able to look after her like she was used to?

All sorts of crazy stuff went through my mind.

But at the same time, I knew I was done working for people I didn’t like. And I’d felt that way for ages.

So I guess that part of the problem fixed itself when they gave me the boot?

But it still wasn’t fun getting kicked out – and it took me a long time to get over it.

And even though it felt like the pain would never stop, a bit of time went by and I did start feeling better.

I was starting to get over that pain you feel when you get sacked for the first time.

And after a few months I started to look at what I could do next to bring in some money.

And I remember thinking to myself “How can I make this work, what can I do?”

And I realised something really important…

I’d been given an opportunity to try other things.

Obviously not under the best of circumstances, but it was still the right time to try something different.

And I started looking at different ways that I could bring in money that didn’t necessarily mean working for someone.

But finding something like that that I liked turned out to be harder than I thought it would be.

And like a flea looking for a new dog, I jumped from one thing to another, wondering if any of them would ever work.

And because I didn’t like most of what I saw, I didn’t get anywhere for months.

And I thought to myself, if I’m gonna do this, I have to make sure I do it properly and learn from the best. 

So even though I wasn’t comfortable doing it, I started going to expensive live events looking for that one idea, that one thing that could become my business.

And I made sure to get around smart people like Ryan Deiss and Richard Lindner from Digital Marketer and others like Janine Allis from Boost Juice – and heaps of other vibrant, interesting and influential people who had a big impact on me.

And can you imagine it, me the introvert, doing the mix’n mingle with strangers?

Well, that was me.

And it wasn’t as hard as I thought – I had a ball and I learnt something new everywhere I went.

And the reason I was doing all these things, wasn’t only to find out how to pay the bills, although that was part of it; I was there because I needed to prove to myself that I could do something worthwhile that worked – on my own.

And not only that, I didn’t want to go back to being an employee.

But…fast forward, and I’m still here exactly where I was 6 months back.

And if you could have been the fly on the wall…this is what you would have seen…

I’m sitting there in my home office, on my swivel chair, staring at a blank computer screen.

I’m sweating, I’m tired and I’m holding an almost empty credit card.

Add to that, I’ve got a headache so bad it hurts to breathe – especially when I think about all the money I’d spent.

And after all this time, I still had nothing – no results, no money in the bank, nothing.

I’d spent too much money going to conferences, I’d spent too much time surfing the net, and I’d spent too much time opting in for more information and reading business books.

I was basically doing anything I could to get a clue on how to make it on my own.

And after a while, I thought maybe this was all going to be a waste of time?

But I felt like I had no choice and I had to keep going.

Maybe there was something I was missing or some sort of secret to it?

So I kept going, building up piles of information and filling up my hard drive hoping that something would help.

But most of it was junk – stuff that I’d use if I wanted to show you how NOT to do it.

Everything I got my hands on looked the same, and there was almost no way of telling one piece of content from another.

And most of these programs looked like they’d been passed around from guru to guru, rebranded and resold.

But by this time, I’d already been around the block a few times, and I wasn’t that easy to fool.

And I remembered something I’d read in one of my books written by this famous copywriter – which was:

“Be The Wizard, Beware The Wizard”

And this is basically a warning to beware of the ‘instant guru’s’ who just re-uses content created by others.

But it also meant that there are real life wizards out there that you should find, listen to and model your success around.

And these wizards are actually just normal people like you and me who have the skills and experience you’re looking for.

And if it’s been done well by someone before, make sure you find them, listen to them, and do what they show you.

For me, I’m not going to waste time reinventing the wheel if someone’s already done it. And neither should you.

But the problem I had with all this, was sorting the good wizards from the bad ones.

How do you know which is which?


And so I decided the only way to find out what I needed to learn was to find as much information as I could about my topic, test it, and keep the best bits for myself.

And from that, I could pull together something of a system that I would use in my own business to make money.

I figured this would have to work better than looking for a single solution that would give me what I needed.

And after this much time, I was already convinced there was no such thing as a perfect product that would give me what I needed.

And on the up side, having gone through so much content, I did find some stuff that I could improve on and use.

And by now I was getting really good at spending my own money on all this stuff.

And don’t get me wrong, I love spending money; but…

‘It’s only ok when you’re making more than you’re spending!’

And at that stage, I wasn’t making nearly as much as I was spending.

And as I was going through all this content I thought would be killer, most of it turned out to be junk I couldn’t use.

And so stuff I paid for ended up in the rubbish; and that rubbish wasn’t cheap.

I’ve made more than few expensive mistakes along the way. I’ve made dozens of them!

And at one point my cash got that low I was thinking I’d need to give it up get another job.

This was a lot harder and more expensive that I thought it would be.

But I’d been smart, and I was following and listening to a couple of people who were giving out good advice that I could use.

And when I think about them, there’s one guy that sticks out.

Gary Vaynerchuck – this guy knows his shit when it comes to running a business.

And he’s someone you should check out.

And the one thing I remember him saying that really helped was

‘You only lose when you give up!’

And this got me thinking about another guy you should look into, and his name’s Jeff Walker.

And inside his Product Launch Formula program he mentions a famous quote that he found in a book called ‘The Art of War’…that goes something like this…

“The battle is won before you step foot on the battlefield”

And being someone who needs a hit of daily inspiration, I often thought about how what they were saying related to me?

And this is when I realised something…

It’s not the problem – it’s how you respond that matters.

And what I also realised is that what I’d been doing was part of something much bigger.

On its own, this was only a small piece to a bigger puzzle inside my business.

And even though I had a lot of missing pieces, I just had to keep going and keep building.

So I did.

And I kept testing and changing stuff around and making a complete mess of it.

And when I wasn’t ready for it…there it was…

My first sale

And when I was least expected it.

And even though it was only $9 bucks, it was the best $9 bucks I’d ever made…and it’s the one I really remember.

And when you get your first sale, it not only gives you a taste of success, it gives you a good feeling knowing that you’ve done it by yourself.

And when it happened, I went into meltdown thinking about the possibilities.

What could this become?

How much could I make?

How quickly was it going to happen?

And would it last?

And even though the process at the time was pretty rough around the edges, it worked, and I made the sale.

And since that first sale, things have definitely changed.

The bits and pieces system I started out with has grown into an easy to follow set of steps that anyone can use.


When it comes to converting lookers into buyers

[For products you don’t even own!] it works!

But let’s go back to where we started.

Do you remember what I said about your typical work day?

And if you do, and it’s not what you want, do you wonder how you ended up in a job like that?

Just know that it’s NOT your fault if you have a job you don’t like.

You can’t let yourself feel bad about it…and it’s not the end of the world.

And I say that because there’s always another way to move forward, earn more and live a better lifestyle.

And regardless of what’s going on in your world…

‘What I’m about to give you will help you build a better, more fulfilling and profitable business, sooner’

But before I do, stop and imagine that you’ve made some changes and you’re living life your way.

Because of the things you’ve changed, you’re living life the way you want and on your terms.

You’re fun to be around, you’re happier, you’re healthier and wealthier.

The grass is actually greener on the other side.

Feels pretty good?

And on top of that, thanks to the changes you’ve made; now you’ve got new opportunities coming from everywhere.

So many of them that you can’t possibly take advantage of all of them.

And when you look in the mirror, you see something different – you see someone who’s relaxed and in control – and you’re happy.

And with everything going so well, you’ve started buying nice things for those you love and care for – just because you can.

How good does that feel?

And it all happened because you took a chance on something you found.

And that’s the reason I’ve spent the time putting together this important message for you…

I want to prove to you once and for all that there is a way to boost your income that works, that you can use successfully even if you’ve got zero experience and lack the confidence to try.

And if this is something that grabs your interests, and I have your attention, then…

“I’m Going To Show You How To Earn Hundreds Of Dollars [Or Even More] Every Single Week Without Doing Any Hard Work To Get It”…[We’re Making Hard Work Someone Else’s Problem]

And I’m about to give you all the Critical Missing Steps that almost every beginner business owner misses that successful business owners use to quickly build up their personal wealth and create a better lifestyle.

And you’re about to find out how to make it happen with your own simple but profitable system for attracting and collecting money without needing any experience or your own products. And it’s incredibly easy and profitable.


Howdy, my name’s Rick Nuske,

Rick Nuske







And now that you’ve got a little bit more about me, I’ve got a quick question for you:

  • Do you wanna know where the money’s hiding and how you get more of it in your back pocket?

If you do, here’s the one thing that will help you find it, and keep more of it, without having to do anything outrageous [including hard work] to get it.

And if you want me to tell you about it; first you need to know for sure what you want because I don’t want to waste time.

And to work that out, you need to ask yourself some important questions.

Questions that will help you see if you’re the type of person that could actually run a business successfully.

And I can tell you now, even though this is easy to do, it’s not for everyone.

And that’s because everyone’s different and each of us have different needs and motivations for doing what we do.

So stop for a minute and think…

Are you struggling to fit in at your workplace?

And are you sick of feeling like an outsider?

Are you’re unhappy working in a low paying job?

Do you wish you could earn more?

Or are you tired of working for someone and want more control over how you earn your money?

And please [don’t rush over this!]

It’s important to really think about what you say and how you feel about this stuff, because it’s going to affect your ability to earn more.

And here’s why…

Just for a second, think back to how I got fired, and imagine how you’d feel if this happened to you…

And the scary part…

Most Aussie workers faced with the sack don’t have a plan B.

Have you ever been SACKED before?

Remember how it felt?

I bet you do.

And it begs the question…

If you’re not happy with your situation

And you’re tired of what you’re doing, or

You’re not sure what’s going to happen at work tomorrow

Or you’re just looking for that something a little DIFFERENT that will help you earn more without having to change jobs

If you found something like this – would you take it?

If you said yes…ten I’ve got the one thing that your employer doesn’t have [and will never give you] that’s going to give you a huge advantage.  

And if you’ve been thinking about any of this for a while now, you have to ask yourself…

Why hasn’t anything happened for you yet?

If you know you’re ready, why haven’t you done it?

And if you’re still working for people you don’t like, why are you still there?

And when’s it going to be your turn to achieve something awesome?

And if life’s short [and it is] – how much longer will you allow yourself to be part of your own GROUNDHOG DAY?


But if you’re thinking there’s no way you can earn more money in the job you’re in…

The good news is there is a way, and it won’t put your current job or your lifestyle at risk.

And there’s one thing I will say…there’s no progress without action.

Do nothing, and make no changes, and every day will be the same.

Just like the movie, you’ll be living your own Groundhog Day.

Tomorrow, the day after, a week from now, or even a month from now, and you’ll be stuck doing exactly what you’re doing now for a long time, and for the same money.

And if you’re unhappy about that part, that’s going to feel like a very long time.

But there’s even more good news…

Whatever’s holding you back can be fixed with what I’m about to give you.

And although this might not apply directly to your story, it still matters, and I’ll tell you why…

Earlier I mentioned the day I got my first sale; and how I remembered it because it was my first.

And as you know, I did a lot of hard work to get that first sale.

I’d invested a lot of time and the money I had left without knowing if it would even work.

And like magic…not long after I started driving traffic to my new offer, there it was…

An email from my shopping cart telling me that I’d made my first sale.

And I was pretty happy with myself.

Over the next few days I got another sale, and another and then another.

And I worked on it for another 6 months or so before I started really seeing some good consistent results.

But then something happened, and I had one of those thoughts.

The ones where you’re doing whatever you’re doing and you could swear you heard a voice inside your head telling you exactly what you had to do.

It was bizarre! And NO, I’m not going mad – it happened.

And I knew that if I didn’t take what I’d learnt and did something with it, I was going to miss out on an opportunity to create something I could rely on to earn money for my business.

And so I wrote down absolutely everything I was doing, started making videos of it all, and uploaded it to my Google drive.

And what I realised after looking around some more, was that no-one I knew of in this market, was doing it the way I was.

And I worked for what felt like forever, sifting through piles of garbage to find the bits that worked best in my business.

And as I sifted my way through it all, I made sure to only keep the best bits and then worked at massively improving them.

And I spent weeks working on them to turn them into something completely fresh that no-one had seen.

And what I’ve been able to achieve, at least in my mind, is nothing short of amazing.

I’ve taken everything I know, all of my research, my testing results and all my experience, and put together in a way that gets results.

And I’ve finally finished turning all of my unique content into a 6 part video series that you can use.

And I’ve called this simple but effective program…

successful affiliate marketing 101 a4 cover page

And I’ve decided to do something outrages by giving it to you for free…well, it’s kind of free.

And the reason it’s kind of free is because I wanted to challenge myself to build a best-in-class affiliate marketing program where if you weren’t completely happy with what you experienced, and it didn’t take you towards making money in your business, then I’d let you keep it for free along with any of the bonuses that came with it.

And don’t worry, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this…the last time I took on new customers in a new program, their results turned out very profitable and they’re still in business and growing.

But importantly, my goal here is much more than selling you this product…although it would be fantastic if you’d buy it!

My real goal is to help your business make its first $1000 using other people’s content.

And when I hear about people experiencing their first sale because of what I’ve shown them, it reminds me of my first time; and that feels good.

And although a $1000 bucks might seem like a small number [or maybe a big one depending on who you are] right now this target is making a big difference to people just like you who’ve already started. 

And these are the same people who trusted in me enough to jump right in.

“The Successful Affiliate Marketing 101 program is the place to start if you haven’t done anything like this before”

T.Saunders - N.S.W 

So what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Well, it’s one of the most profitable and least expensive types of marketing businesses you can own. 

And inside Successful Affiliate Marketing 101, you’ll find a framework that you can begin using right away that will help you understand every aspects of affiliate marketing which can be applied to any business or offer.

Inside you’ll find out how to make your affiliate marketing business a success by knowing how to choose a niche, how to advertise, how to enhance your visibility to your target market, how to increase your conversion rates and finally, how to get paid.

You’ll have lifetime access to a system that’s proven to work at turning lookers into buyers.

And you’ll also gain a massive advantage over your competitors who won’t know what you’re doing to be so successful.

And there’s a long list of other things you’ll be able to do once you own Successful Affiliate Marketing 101 including:

  • Spending more time building your business
  • Investing more money towards building your business
  • Buying nice things for your loved ones because you can
  • Having more control over how you spend your time, and importantly,
  • You’ll be able to put money towards those nagging bills for your
    • Mobile phone
    • Internet connection
    • Car loan
    • Mortgage repayment
    • And credit card – or whatever it is that you want gone.

And if you study the program, learn it and then implement everything I showed you, you’ll be able to do these things.

But let me tell you the truth about what I’ve really achieved here.

Sure, I’ve ended up developing a system you can follow that will help you earn money and build a business around affiliate marketing.

But when I was starting out, my main motivation for putting this program together was driven by my own need to find something that would work reliably in my business, so I could make money.

But it became more than that; because I started to really enjoy affiliate marketing and finding ways to use it in my business.

And as our mission is to build better, more profitable businesses sooner, the biggest rush was realising that I could turn what I was using successfully in my own business, into high-quality digital programs that would help people who were looking to do something similar.  

And this whole cycle has proven to be the most satisfying and rewarding experience I could have asked for. It’s helping my business, the charity I give to, and it helps others to save time and fast-track their results.

And who doesn’t like to save time?

So if you’re someone who wants to go from being a beginner affiliate marketer, or someone who wants to supplement their existing income, it’s a good idea to get this program.

And if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you and everything you need to know is inside.

So let me tell you exactly what you’ll get inside this six part video program:

In module 1 – I’m going to take you through an introduction to affiliate marketing, what it is, why it is a valid business model, and how to get started. This section covers absolutely everything you need to know and consider before you get started.

In module 2 – I’m going to cover all of the ways for you to choose affiliate offers that will work best with your business. And we talk about how affiliate marketing will help your business if it’s your only business, or if you’re planning to use affiliate marketing as a way to supplement your existing business.

And in module 3 – I deep dive into the creation of bonus products. And bonus products are important to your affiliate marketing business because they’re a reliable deal maker when you know how to set them up correctly.

In module 4 – This is an important module that addresses the question of how to promote your offers, where to promote them, and what to do [and not to do] as you get started.

And in module 5 – I talk in depth about one of the core parts of your affiliate marketing business which is learning how to get the right people looking at your affiliate offers who are interested in what you have, and want to buy from you.

And inside we also cover an often overlooked, but critically important business building strategy – building your own email list so you can market affiliate offers to your own list, over and over again. Do this right, and you’ll make more here than anywhere else.

And finally, last but not least, in module 6 – I talk about the various options for getting paid. This is obviously a very important section for anyone in business and goes into detail about the various options for getting paid.

And I truly believe that if you follow all of the ingredients I’ve provided, exactly like I say, then this will work for you.


Outsourcing is an incredible game changer that gives you tons of leverage and time freedom.

And some of the hidden benefits you might not have thought about with outsourcing include:

  • You’re largely automating your business
  • Which gives you more time to do other important things, like
  • Spending more time building your business, or
  • Spending time with your loved ones, or
  • Whatever else you want to do that’s not affiliate marketing.

Either way, you get to make the choice about how to spend the extra time you have.

So if for no other reason, this is why you should take advantage of this incredible offer.

And all you’re investing today is a single payment of a incredibly small $67.

That’s less than a third of the price I could charge!

And for that price, what’s the catch?

And I guess if there has to be one, here it is…

I want you to have an amazing experience with a program that makes a difference in your business so I have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

“I didn’t think it would work, but I made my first ever affiliate sale because of what I learnt – thanks”

W. Craker 

There’s a lot to know about creating your own affiliate marketing business and outsourcing to automate the work.

And I’ve seen a lot of people get it really badly wrong.

And here’s the sad part, if they’d only had access to Successful Affiliate Marketing 101, they would have saved months of their time and been able to stop their hard earnt cash from going down the drain.

But with Successful Affiliate Marketing 101 in your kit, you won’t ever have to worry about throwing away money or wasting time.

I guarantee it.

blue-guarantee png

So with all that said, go ahead and click the button below.

Follow the prompts on the next page to get immediate lifetime access to your copy of the Successful Affiliate Marketing 101.

You literally have nothing to lose.

But for you to get the best value, you must to take action now.

Don’t put it off.

Be that early bird that gets the worm – and get in while the price is the lowest it’s ever been.

And if even after everything I’ve just promised, and after 30 days of having access to all the content and all the bonuses, you’re still not white hot happy – just let me know and I’ll buy it back from you.

No questions asked.

And I’m doing this so there’s absolutely no way you can lose.

It’s 100% risk free!

And I know that some people see this as an opportunity to take advantage of me, and I know that.

There’s always a small number who will take advantage of all the hard work and effort that’s gone into this offer because that’s what they do.

And it’s not because the program isn’t any good, it’s just how scarcity minded people are.

They buy it, never use it, claim it doesn’t work, and then ask for a refund.

And for most part, I think people see that as pretty uncool.

But that’s the way it is.

But for you, if you’re happy with what you get out of it, and I believe you will, you’ll always have this resource and all of the bonuses available to you whenever you need them.

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ps: although you might question my ability to deliver and dismiss my ideas as out of date, they are anything but. I’m currently working with the various industry sectors including finance and small business to improve their marketing and business prowess. So there’s absolutely no fluff here. Just proven, in-the-trenches material designed so you can achieve greater returns every month. So don’t procrastinate, order Successful Affiliate Marketing 101 today!

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