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The Power of In-Show Audio Advertisements

The My Future Business Show website is frequented by thousands of unique visitors each and every month.

Over the years, we have created unique ways to take advantage of this organic traffic, including adding our in-show audio advertisements.

As time went by, more and more guest of the show asked how they can use this in-show technology to promote their business, book or venture. 

Naturally, this led us to creating this offer page to help you promote your business, book or venture using our in-show audio advertisement.

In-show audio advertisements are a relatively new advancement in podcasting technology. However, in-show adverts have been around for decades, and traditional radio is a perfect example of this type of advertisement in action. However, the difference is that today, a great number of people are turning to online media to help find solutions to their problems.

These are problems that your business solves, and by having your unique in-show message playing in more than 500 existing interviews, at a click of a button, literally, your best customers can be listening to you talking directly to them. 

Imagine you were your best customer who found your in-show audio advertisement, listened to it, and realized, hey, this is the problem I'm having. In turn, they follow your call to action by visiting your website mentioned in your advert, and you end up with a new customer! This is the power of in-show audio advertisement, and we see it time and time again. They work!

The following information clarifies the process we follow to create your perfect audio advertisement. 

In-Show Audio Ads Creation and Location 

We Have Specific Products and Services That We Won't Create Audio Adverts For....

The following list of products are NOT eligible for audio ad creation:

  • Adult Products
  • Supplement Products
  • Drug And Alcohol Products
  • Politically Motivated Products

Where Won't Your In-Show Advert Be Played?

There are only three places where your in-show audio advert will not be posted. They are in our 3 latest guests interview posts. This leaves the remaining 500+ interview posts for your audio interview to be posted and heard.

That said, we focus much of our effort and technological skills on search engine optimization. This means that many of our existing interviews are ranking highly in the search engines. Especially now with Google's 'helpful content' update, we are seeing more and more of our interviews ranking in Google Search, which means more exposure for your in-show audio advertisement.

Where Will You Hear Your In-Show Audio Advertisement?

We will add your 15 second audio advertisement at the start of the show [called a 'pre-roll'].

We will add your 30 second audio advertisement in the middle of the show [called a 'mid-roll].

We will add your 15 second audio advertisement at the end of the show [called a 'post-roll'].

We can create your audio advert or you can provide one that meets your needs.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

We put ourselves in your shoes because we've been exactly where you are now. Buying in-show audio advertisement from someone new can be daunting because you don't want to be ripped off or left disappointed. So, with that in the very front of mind, we will do everything in our control to make sure you are pleased with the final product. We guarantee it or you get your money back! 

Total Length of Your In-Show Audio Advertisement

We offer the following in-show audio advertisement package.  

You In-Show Audio Advertisement Includes:

  • x1 - 30 Second In-Show Audio Advertisement - posted for 15 consecutive days
  • x1 - 15 Second In-Show Audio Advertisement - posted for 15 consecutive days

Revisions - you can request 2 revisions to make sure your audio advertisement meets your needs.

You get to keep the audio advertisement to further promote your business, book or venture.

What In-Show Audio Advertisement Are You After?

To create the exact audio advertisement that you're looking for, first we need some further information from you.

Accordingly, please complete the following form by providing relevant details about the problem you solve, the solution you provide, and the best way to contact you. 

Please note that you can add an mp3 audio or pdf file of your advertisement script below.

Let's Begin...

To start, fill in the following form, click send, make your payment, and wait for our response.

In-Show Audio Advertisement

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