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Little Miss HISTORY talks with Rick Nuske

Barbara Ann Mojica

Rick has the ability to make both listeners and guests feel as if they are family members sitting around the dining room table engaging in a conversation. He genuinely listens to the guest's message while clarifying and including his viewpoints on it. The final result is that the guest obtains a platform for her message and the audience receives a new perspective on the topic discussed. This show provides an opportunity to share a passion with a diverse new audience interested in opening their minds to new opportunities for growth. I would urge my friends to use the My Future Business Show as an exciting new opportunity to grow their business and/or get their message out to a diverse audience who are eager to learn and grow and a podcast host who is a wonderful mentor and guide.

Dr. Clue Appreciates The My Future Business Show

Dave Blum

Very relaxed and easy, like having coffee with a friend. Rick is laid-back and makes the guest feel comfortable.

It was a pleasure meeting Rick, and talking about my work/life experience.

As a guest, this is completely a pain free experience. Rick wants you to look good and takes a strong interest in your story.

As a listener, you'll learn about a lot of interesting entrepreneurs, so you should try get on the show.


Rick, Thank you for having me on The My Future Business Show!

Aasmund Ryningen

I had a great time. I liked how Rick took his time to create a charming and relaxing atmosphere before the show itself began. Rick is a very professional podcaster and I felt like I was held to a high standard.

I particularly enjoyed how Rick gave me the chance to talk about myself and really let his audience know about everything that I can do. I liked how my copy-writing skills were the subject of conversation and how *my personal experiences* were used as examples.

I'll be promoting the My Future Business Show to: - my email list - Twitter, and everywhere else I can to help this show continue to grow!