A while back, I promised to give you EARLY BIRD access to the Welcome to the Show 1.0 video program.

So, here we are, and the program is ready and waiting to help you grow your business with podcasting!

Check it out below, and if you like what you see, set up access to the program and all of the bonuses....

ATTENTION: Business Owners, Creators, Authors & Coaches

"Finally!...Discover The Ultimate Way to Get A Steady Stream of New Customers In Front Of Your Business...Without Having To Sell Anything, Or Spend Hundreds Of Dollars on Paid Advertising!"

I'm confident that by the end, you'll be excited about transforming your business, so you never have to worry about where your future customers will come from!

Here's a bold promise...

  • If you've struggled to get new clients, customers or patients in front of your business, that ends here.

I guarantee to show you my proven system for attracting a continuous, endless stream of leads and customers to your business via your own conversion-focused Podcast, within 90 days from now [or less], even if you have zero technical experience...and you don't need a big budget either!

So, how did this all come about?

For more than 7 years I've produced and presented a very popular business building podcast called "The My Future Business Show", and after having so many people ask me "how can I do what you do?" I've decided to share everything that I've learned about how to create my own lead-lead generating podcast system.

This program is the culmination of more than two decades of business and online marketing experience, combined with more than 9 years running My Future Business as a highly sought-after digital marketer serving a global market. 


Welcome To The Show The Complete Podcasting System For Your Business

This Is the Ultimate Conversion-Focused Podcasting System Designed to Help You Create and Profit from Your Own Business Building Podcast.

Why Start Your Own Podcast For Your Business Right NOW?

  • It's a Proven Business Model
  • It's Easy To Get Started Quickly
  • Inexpensive Start Up Cost
  • You Don't Need Any Experience
  • It's A Fast-Growing Industry
  • Highly Profitable & Popular
  • Largely Untapped & Virtually Competition Free

Having Your Own Podcast Inside Your Business Can Literally Change Your Life!

Here Are The Top 5 Benefits Of Having Your Own Online Show...

Regular Leads & Customers

Attracts a steady stream of fresh leads and new customers.

Fast & Easy To Do

Takes a minimum amount of time, and is very easy to do. 

Border-Less Business Booster

Allows you to promote your business locally, nationally, or internationally.

No Selling At All

Your podcast positions you as the authority and celebrity in your niche.

How Popular Is Podcasting?

We live in an incredible time where technology and the internet, levels the playing field for your business to thrive.

Internet radio, or 'podcasting', are one of the fastest growing forms of new media. If you have an internet connection, a computer, and a microphone, then you have the ability to start your own internet radio show.

With your own internet radio show, or podcast, you have zero restraints on the duration of your show, what you discuss, and industries that you get into. You are free to do what you want on your show, and you have creative license to do it.

There is a massive shift underway that is slowly but surely killing off old school media, that is to say traditional tv and radio. This rapid rate of change towards online content delivery and consumption, opens up a whole new industry where you can position your business online, to deliver on-demand web-based TV or web-based radio show. 

Interestingly, and most telling, we are also seeing a rapid shift away from these old media channels by respected radio and TV show hosts, who are now releasing their shows in an online digital format. They can see what's happening.

Here's something else you should know: the podcasting, or internet radio industry, is reported by Forbes as already being a 2.5 billion dollar industry - and it's only in its infancy.

Internet radio, i.e. your podcast-based business, has the potential to be the most ubiquitous, omnipresent form of media ever known. It has the potential to be more commanding of your audience' attention than film, tv, or books combined. 

The reason for this steady increase in its popularity, is because listening to internet radio or web tv, can be done while doing other activities. It's easy to consume on the go.

Another interesting fact: in 2014 a third of Americans used their phones to stream content, mainly music. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 24, listened to internet radio, and two of the top five most popular apps in America [Pandora and YouTube] are used mainly for streaming content including music and podcast shows.

And finally, one more reason that podcasting is so popular, is because people are spending much more time on their smart devices, which are connected to the internet. They spend more and more time on their iPhone's and Android devices, than any other media. Technology is making it so easy to access relevant content.

Podcasting is not going's here to stay. It here to stay because it has proven itself as the next generation in the way people access and consume content. First there was traditional free-to-air radio, now we have internet radio.

So, with all of this information, it's easy to see why there has never been a more opportune time to start your own podcast-based business. There's a rising tide that's lifting all ships...and that includes yours!

Are you wondering if your niche can succeed with its own podcast show? I can say with certainty, that...

There's more than enough room for your show! 

This system works for ANY topic. As an example, here's just a small handful of niche topics that I've researched that have their own dedicated podcast show...You have an interest in a topic, you can do it!...

  • Arts And Craft
  • Pet Care
  • Car Lovers
  • Podcasters
  • Legal Discussion
  • Doctors
  • Enthusiasts
  • Travellers
  • Fashion
  • Movie Reviews
  • Bike Riders
  • Surfers Show
  • Dancers
  • Philosophers
  • Relationships
  • Business Building
  • Writers Corner
  • Toy Lovers
  • Astronomers
  • Designers
  • Tradespeople...and so many more!

Even if there is already a show doing what you want to do, the thing to remember, is that they're not you. You have your own unique style, life experiences, stories and knowledge to bring to your show, and that's going to make you different.

So, what makes this program the right choice for you?

The reason this is the premium conversion-focused podcasting system builder program to be part of, is because it reflects real-life business results.

I'm not focused on theory; I'm focused on sharing proven results and experiences that will fast-track your way to owning your own conversion-focused podcast for your business.

Because of podcasting, our clients' businesses experience a great deal of financial success, and in this program, everything we do is revealed to help you get results much sooner.

Here's Another Great Reason To Start!

The focus on making progress begins on day one. This program is based around lessons learnt over many years, that now means consistent results, that anyone can achieve by following what we're doing. This process is all about results, not making things look flashy. Here, I'm totally focused on sharing only what you absolutely need to know right now.

I have considered your learning style by providing content in different formats. I do this because every person learns differently. Inside I offer videos, audio files, PDF downloads, and live training sessions. Everything's included.

The big one for me, is removing all of the unnecessary, and often confusing terminology [and steps] used to explain different things throughout the program. I've made it so everyone has the best opportunity to learn at their own pace.

What Do You Get In This Program?

The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of the Welcome To The Show 1.0 program. Here's each phase, laid out in an overview fashion, to help get an idea of how we've structured the program...



In phase one, we identify all of the important elements needed to make creating your show and supporting systems easy. We identify your target audience and decide on an angle that will work best for your show.  We identify the resources needed to make your show come to life, set a specific direction for your business, and create a simple road map for you to follow. 



In phase two, we follow a step-by-step process that shows you how to research your topic and prepare content that speaks to your audience. This section reveals how to be confident when recording your show, even if you have no experience. I show you how to use recording and editing software, create scripts that sound natural, and put together show notes to guide your conversations. This section shows you how to create a brand for your show, and importantly, it takes everything you know about creating your show and transfers it into an easy-to-follow system that enables you to effortlessly rinse and repeat each process as needed.



In phase three, we let everyone know that you're show is live. We work out which channels are the best for your show, and reveal how to have people streaming into your email inbox asking to be on your show. I also show you how to leverage the popularity of established podcasters and business owners to attract even more leads. This is where you begin to use your systems and automation to attract a continual stream of ideal prospects. This is also where you see how to quickly get listed on all of the main podcast sites like iTunes, and use other social media channels that work best for your specific target audience.

You Also Get Access To Fortnightly Live Video Training!

By accessing the live video training calls, you can ask all of your biggest questions and have them answered live.

RICK NUSKE  //  Program Creator

Hi, my name's Rick Nuske, and I'm the founder and owner of My Future Business. I'm also the host of the popular My Future Business Show. 

I have a passion for helping you create the business and lifestyle that you've wanted for so long. With that, this program gives you what you need to achieve profitable results quickly, and repeatably.

Rick Nuske - My Future Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Really Work?

What if I'm not good at implementing what you show me?

How do I know if what you say to me is going to work?

Will a podcast business work for my industry?

What if my business is not an online business?

Why should I get your help to start my business podcast?

What About All The Bonuses?!

The big thing about this offer, is that it focuses on providing practical value that can be used to build your business. With That In Mind, You Also Get...



BONUS 3: The Complete Fast Track Info-Product Creation Program

BONUS 4: The Complete Inside Outsourcing Program

You also get access to both the written and audio book version of Welcome To The Show 1.0 The Complete Podcasting System For Your Business

Which is the clearest and most predictable system for attracting and converting your best audience into paying customers!



You Also Get A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by the My Future Business 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you follow everything I've show you, and you still don't see any results [at all] once you have completed the program, just let me know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Rick Nuske

How Much Will You Miss Out On If You Say No?

As someone looking for better results - ask yourself..."How Much Will I Miss Out On If I Don't Invest In This Program?" 

Recall any industry that started out, it was a prime opportunity that many people simply looked away from. Think of current day industry giants like Google or Amazon, don't we all wish we'd invested a few hundred dollars? Your life would look much different today. The popularity of podcasting is only increasing, and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. So unlike the Google and Amazon train we might have already missed, don't miss this train, and you can start profiting from your smart decision.

This is an opportunity for you to achieve everything you've wanted with your own conversion-focused podcast designed specifically for your business. To help you achieve that goal, I decided to make the program extremely affordable, so that anyone who is excited about podcasting, and what it can do for their business, can get started.

Just take a look around at other premium providers who charge more than 5 times the price over and above the ticket price of this program - Welcome To The Show 1.0Simply follow the steps laid out in this program, and your very first show could recoup the entire cost of this program!

Welcome To The Show 1.0 is packed with important podcasting processes and marketing insights delivered through a clearly structured outline of principles that not only increase brand exposure, ROI and attract new global consumers, but also makes conversion-focused podcasting easy to understand and implement.

Sasha Laghonh

Founder & Entrepreneur

Not only does Rick deliver what he promises, he gave me the confidence to build a show that immediately increased my credibility and opened up several new speaking opportunities. Welcome To The Show 1.0 is the complete end-to-end package and is key to creating an effective conversion-focused podcast for my business.

Peter Warmka

Cybersecurity Consultant

Rick is an expert podcaster and business professional who really knows podcasting, business and conversion processes. His program is clearly laid out and covers everything the new podcaster needs to know. Anyone thinking of starting their own conversion-focused podcast, or even if you have one already, needs this course!

Jan Cavelle

Writer & Speaker

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