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3D Mail

Hi and welcome to the My Future Business weekly update… handcuffs

Have you heard of ‘3D mail‘ otherwise known as ‘dimensional mail‘?

I’m fascinated by this marketing strategy not only because it’s fun, it converts like crazy when it’s done right.

When I first heard about 3D mail I remember being totally captivated by the idea, and I think this is because I’ve always loved surprises…or at least the good kind.

As a child, I remember being taken to the royal show where there was fairy floss, hot dogs, a ferris wheel, roller coasters and all sorts of other fun sideshows.

One specific memory I have is of my parents ushering me to the ‘lucky dip’ bin. This bin was where you would put your hand in and pull out a little wrapped parcel that was an object of some kind, typically a small toy or novelty item.

I remember the anticipation of wanting to know what it was and quickly tearing away the wrapping just so I could find out. And for me, this experience is what I recall when I receive 3D mail in my letter box.

With 3D mail I become that curious kid again, and it’s the very first thing I open because I’m keen to find out what that thing is in my mail box. It’s not flat like typical mail, and it stands out from the rest of the normal everyday mail.

Having used 3D mail in several direct response marketing campaigns, I know that it helps to get your mail opened [hurdle 1] then read [hurdle 2]. Provided that you have a compelling marketing message, it will convert your prospects into paying customers.

Look at your mailbox, it’s normally pretty busy with all sorts of marketing messages, right? So how on earth do you choose which piece of mail to open first? Is it the flat boring official looking letter, or the one that’s just that little bit different, rattles around a bit, and sparks your curiosity? 

I recently received a very effective 3D marketing message in the form of a set of plastic novelty handcuffs. The headline message that went along with the handcuffs was ‘Can You Escape?’ In this example, the handcuffs were used in conjunction with a written sales letter prompting me to think about how I’m handcuffed to my business and that he [the marketer] had a way to solve this problem. Not only was the message effective, it was memorable. 

So from here, if you’re thinking about using 3D mail campaigns in your business, first find a supplier of 3D mail items, work out costs and prepare a suitable budget based around what you’re looking to achieve. One great example for you to check out is [I’m not affiliated]

On top of that, identify specific target candidates most likely respond to your offer. Don’t be lazy and send 3D mail to everyone on your list. This approach is not only ineffective, it’s costly.

When setting up 3D mail-outs, explain to your recipient exactly why you are sending them this type of mail so it better ties in with your message. The idea here is to make sure that your offer is congruent with your 3D mail – nothing worse than a confused prospect!

Here’s just a few examples of how you can use 3D mail in your marketing campaigns…

  • A pair of novelty hand-cuffs sent with the message “Let us remove the chains tying you to your business”
  • A shoe-lace sent along with the message “We know you run on a shoe-string budget”
  • A novelty pair of binoculars with the message ‘We’re still looking for you!’
  • A miniature stress ball with the message ‘We know how stressful business is’

From this short list of examples, not only can you see how much fun 3D mail can be, you probably have some great ideas of how to use it in your business.

From here, go to the comments section below and let me know what sort of direct response mailing you’re using in your business.

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Rick Nuske

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