Refund Policy

Legislative Jurisdiction

My Future Business [] is a registered business with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission [‘ASIC’].

As a registered Australian business, each policy aligns and complies with the requirements both ASIC and of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [‘ACCC’].

My Future Business Refund Policy

My Future Business will provide refunds in compliance with this refund policy.

In accordance with the ACCC, you can ask us for a replacement or refund, but you are not always entitled to one. For example, the consumer guarantees do not apply if you got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it.

Product Availability

Although there are times where server maintenance occurs and is out of our control, the host service used to serve our electronic information products are monitored for server ‘up time’ to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the My Future Business site remains operational for customers to access.

Where site access issues arise due to server issues outside of our control, My Future Business will not be required to provide a refund. My Future Business will take the necessary actions with the host provider to rectify the server problems as soon as practicable.

Refund Period

Where you have entered into a formal agreement for products and or services with My Future Business, you shall be bound by the refund conditions identified therein. Unless otherwise specified in sales material provided for each product or service, for all individual purchases of products you may request a refund within fourteen (14) calendar days of your purchase. For all interview services and monthly paid services, there will not be any refunds available due to the nature of the product as a service being provided. In certain circumstances there may be a refund granted where detailed written reasons for the refund request are provided. At which point My Future Business will make a decision as to whether to provide a refund at its absolute discretion.

Refund periods will vary based on the products and services purchased and will expire based on the nominated period identified within the sales material provided prior to purchase. Refund expiry periods commence after the nominated number of days once:

(i) For electronically downloaded or hosted products, when the product is made available for download and you first access the product; and(ii) For physical products, on receipt of delivery.

To exercise your right to a refund, you must inform us of your decision in writing before the refund period has expired.

After you talk to a customer service agent,  and in the event your refund request has been approved, your access to the product or service will be blocked and you will not be able to access and use the product or service in the future.

In the event your refund is approved, we will issue a refund to the same method of purchase you used to purchase the item. For monthly product purchases such as continuity programs, your refund amount will be paid on a pro-rata basis which means that you will receive a refund for any days not used in that billing cycle.

My Future Business reserves the right to update and modify its refund policy without giving any notice written or otherwise.