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This is far more than an interview, it is your new marketing tool that speaks on your behalf.

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One of My Favorite Podcast Calls

You will feel at ease with Rick from the moment the call begins. First of all, he's a real pro and knows how to make the interviewee comfortable no matter their topic or background. He easily weaves the conversation from topic to topic, idea to idea and gives you time to respond with some detail before moving on.

The best parts were when Rick went "behind the curtain" so to speak and took the time to explore our life as much as our business. He helped the conversation move below the surface and address some of the things that make us tick, unique and real. Not many interviewers are willing or interested in going there. Rick was and it was refreshing.

Here's a program that will not only provide you insights on how to grow your work, ministry or business, but will also shed light on the deeper and more important places that make people who they are and guide what they do. That's gold!

Gary Sinclair , Author & Leadership Coach

Fantastic Interview and Product

Rick was extremely professional. He clearly had prepared ahead of time as he was well versed with the materials I had sent. He also referred to these materials throughout the interview. He was present and asked thoughtful questions. He made me feel comfortable. He delivered a quality video very promptly after our interview.

I enjoyed Rick's skills as an interviewer and the video that he produced afterwards in a timely manner.

Great opportunity to build exposure for your business.

Rachel Karu , CEO

Fun interview with a seasoned businessperson & interviewer

Overall, Rick came prepared with relevant questions to my expertise. It was an enjoyable experience.

I loved being able to discuss deep business and personal development topics that most people overlook in the entrepreneurial journey.

Give Rick's show a listen, and consider being a guest if you have an entrepreneurial success story to tell!

I loved having a conversation with Rick instead of a monotone Q&A interview.

Naresh Vissa , Founder & CEO, Krish Media & Marketing

I had too much fun!

Rick was so much fun.

His questions and conversation was engaging. Cant wait to be on his podcast again.

This is a great podcast to share and promote your business.

Tarra R Jackson , Author & Speaker

Easy and relaxed

Rick is so very easy to communicate with which made the entire conversation between us easy, relaxed and definitely fun!

I appreciated how he helped me share my story and my family's story, bringing a greater awareness of the topic discussed.

If you are considering booking your show on My Future Business, don't hesitate. Rick definitely is a relaxed host making the experience well worth it.

Once you have had your interview, you will be contemplating booking a second. I know I am. Thoroughly worth it in every respect.

Frances Castelli , author

Great Interview - easy to talk to!

I really enjoyed working with Rick. It was fun!

He listens very well and grasp everything easily, and he asks great follow up questions.

It's easy, it's fun, and the show is good for businesses. There's no reason not to book an interview, if you can.

The process was easy to follow, and the communication between interviewer and interviewee was excellent.

Craig Melby , Company Owner

Great interview!

Everything went very smoothly and I appreciate the opportunity to promote and share my business through the My Future Business Platform. Rick asked well-thought-out questions to highlight my business and offers, and the interview flowed very well. I recommend this to anyone looking for new opportunities to promote and share a business.

Gael Wood , President, Elevate with Gael Inc

An Amazing Interview Experience

Rick is the easiest person I've ever been interviewed by. He asked good questions and made me feel very comfortable.

I liked the format, and Rick is very knowledgeable in a wide range of areas.

I've already told friends about the show. Get yourself on the show if you can!


James T Drury , Expert Speaker

A magnifying glass couldn't have focused better

Rick's interview was laser-targeted on the value for his audience. His loosely-structured interview was insightful because he listened and was able to follow the conversation; and he's got a fine grasp of how to form questions that develop a conversation. It was thoroughly enjoyable, thanks Rick!

The best part was that your experience is clear: You kept it to time, you were ruthless in shaving out aspects of the conversation that would have been nice but low value for your audience; you got to the heart of matter simply and easily. It was great.

A great interviewee experience can be hard to find, so book your spot on this show!

Leticia Mooney , Queen Pixie

The My Future Business Show brings out the best from the best

I so enjoyed my conversation with Rick Nuske on his The My Future Business Show. Rick asks wonderfully delightful questions that reached deeper into the interviewee and creates a more interesting, informative, and inspiring show for all of his listeners. I enjoyed Ricks unique and, at times, challenging questions and his comfortable style of exploring who I am and how I serve my clients and community. I truly enjoyed our conversation and so appreciate how Rick get down to what will serve and support his audience on their own personal and professional journeys and highly recommend tohe show for anyone interested in understanding and growing their own business.

Dr. Ron Stotts , CEO

Rick Nuske is a gifted show host

Rick Nuske is a great conversationalist that naturally elicits great content from his guests for the benefit of all participants. My interview by Rick was completely unscripted and organically led to impactful information. Whether you'd like to share information or obtain it, MY FUTURE BUSINESS is a superb medium!

The best part of being on the My Future Business Show is Rick's candor and commitment to producing episodes that provide maximum value to all participants.

I would tell friends that the first show to appear on is the My Future Business Show. Rick Nuske provides constructive feedback that enable guests to enhance their presentation style, which will improve the results of any other show on which they present.


Bernard Reisz , Founder

Great Experience

It was a pleasure to be a guest on My Future Business Podcast. Rick is a great host. His questions are engaging and the conversation flowed. It was like connecting with an old friend. I loved the out of the box personal questions. What a great way for people to connect with the guest. I've shared the interivew with my audience and will be sending my students to the podcast.

Sandie Gascon , Coach

Best podcast experience I've ever had!

Rick is a great interviewer that puts you to ease and the conversation just flows. We also had a good laugh as he helped me unearth some anecdotes from my early career. Very enjoybale, fun and rewarding experience. Rick has the ability to showcase you and your expertise/experience in a easy to understand and entertaining manner, I cannot wait to share this episode on my website and on my social media. My prospective clients will be able to see my personality and impact in a wholly new way. By all means go and get yourself on Rick's My Future Business Show podcast, it's a great experience and totally worth your while.

Jelena Radonjic , Coach

Great experience

Rick made it very easy to get the interview setup and actually recorded.

I enjoy how Rick helped me feel comfortable and then you just dive right in.

Rick does a good job researching your background to come up with thoughtful questions for the interview.

It's a great place to hear other entrepreneur's stories, so book your spot on the show!

Phil Strazzulla , Founder

Interview Feedback From Shane Melaugh CEO Thrive Themes

I enjoyed the laid back style Rick uses when he interviewed me. There was no loaded questions and for the many interviews I have done, this one I really enjoyed.

What I liked about Rick's show is that it felt a lot like an informal, personal chat. We had a discussion that flowed naturally and you can tell that Rick doesn't just read off of a list of questions.

Rick is a great marketer and has an excellent interviewing style. Get on his show if you can. Rick knows his topics, and he'll have a real conversation with you.

Shane Melaugh , CEO Thrive Themes

Felt real and like someone I have known for years

I love the way Rick conducts the conversation. It's just natural and unscripted. It felt like I have know Rick for years. It was super casual but at the same time very informative. I think that it has great value for listeners. Peoples time is valuable and I think you get a lot out of listening to the show, and booking your spot if you have a business and message to share.

Sean Dollinger , Founder

Rick knows how to get the best results!

Rick was punctual and very easy to talk to. The podcast was edited and published in a few days, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

I enjoyed how Rick spends time getting to know his guests before the show, and how he makes a point of connecting with his audience.

If you have a business, I suggest that you connect with Rick and get on the show.


Mostafa Hosseini , Founder

A great interview :)

An awesome experience and a very good interview! Rick's interview style is very laid back and smooth.

The My Future Business show is a great, laid back podcast with awesome guests :)

Tom Hunt , Founder - bCast

Rick is a very professional interviewer

I really enjoyed my interview with Rick. The questions, the direction of the conversation, the support, were all very different from other shows, and very welcomed. Rick allowed me to show my personality in full, rather than limiting to the same old questions everyone asks.

The interview was easy to set up, and was very smooth from start to finish.

If you're looking for a great friendly interview, book you spot on the show with Rick!

Sue Wilhite , CEO

What A Wonderful Interview

Rick is a great host, very thoughtful, professional, and attentive. He made sure I was able to get in everything I do while being clear, concise, and considerate. It was easy to get on the session and I liked the reminders ahead of time as well. It's a great show to be on especially if you have a business or something you are promoting to help others! Book Your Interview, You Won't Be Disappointed.

Jothi Dugar , The Chaos Guru

A Great Platform

My Future Business is a wonderful platform to share your work. I am a bit shy at times but Rick made the experience an easy one for me. It was like talking to an old friend. Thank's so much for the amazing experience. I highly recommend booking your spot on the show.

Katia Reed , Author

Rick has a very comforting vibe, is easy to talk with, and keep things flowing very smoothly.

I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Rick. Being new to speaking about my past in public (or to anyone) I felt like I was guided very nicely into a nice flow of conversation. I really enjoyed the questions Rick asked as well as how he flowed from each topic to the next with great transition. I would definitely say that you are safe with Rick and that his personality and presence will be felt through the audio. Book your spot on the show.

Rocky Kandola , Guest

Awesome Interview with an Amazing person!

Rick is an extremely patient person when faced with a technical scheduling conflict.

Once we starting talking, Rick was able to ease into our conversation very easily and provided some great insight on our product and services!

He has great energy which is awesome when being interviewed about their business.

Rick's personality and enthusiasm is a magnet and he will make you want to listen to more and more!


Robin , CEO - Innovate Fast

Fantastic Experience

Rick is a professional, confident and knowledgeable interviewer. He is at ease with his technology and provides a smooth interview.

My interview was not a typical interview with canned questions and same old responses. More like a conversation than an interview.

Rick's style will put you at ease and pull the best stuff out of you, so book your spot today.

Vance Morris , Coach

Rick is a tremedous host!

Rick is a tremendous host. He told me he followed the "80/20" rule, meaning he said that he asks questions and talks 20% of the time, and allows his guests to talk 80% of the time. This is a true marker of a good host, to let his guest do the majority of the talking, and for him to listen. Rick listens. In that fashion he can then ask good questions, which, combined with his knowledge, are excellent. He brings out the best in his guests.

Rick is a pro. The best part, besides "meeting" Rick, actually comes after being on the show, and it is the exposure. Rick's following is sensationally large.

Get on his show.

Paul Samakow , Consultant / Attorney

Relationships and memories are what life is all about and both were created today!

We had SO much in common and Rick made me feel at home, even if I was half way across the world! Nothing but positive and I hope to do it all over again! Rick provided me with engaging questions regarding my personal and professional life which allowed me to speak my truth and open up about my unique and colorful past without revealing my entire story. Absolutely.

Corey Hilton , Author and Coach

Fun Experience!

Rick obviously did a lot of research before the meeting, and asked several relevant questions. A worthwhile podcast for anyone looking to promote their business and books.

Hank Quense , author

What a warm and fun experience!

I love Rick's warm, personal, and gentle guidance in helping me share things his audience would be most interested in learning.

Rick has a wonderful and kind interview style and he's truly a gifted interviewer and guide!

I highly recommend booking your spot on The My Future Business Show. I will be promoting the show to my list, followers, and connections. Rick has a variety of guests with different knowledge, expertise, and shares the journey of so many different entrepreneurs and business owners that anyone can definitely relate to and learn from!

Sue Henry , Speaker & Coach

It was great being on Rick's show.

I have had lots of interviews over the years, but without a doubt this was one of the best. Rick really understands how to go to the heart of the matter and ask questions that will help the audience understand the guest and also to focus on those issues that will empower the listener.

The best part was being able to share the experiences of my creative journey and process with the audience; and to connect with other people who might be interested in developing their own creative talents.

Rick's show will help them to think through how they came to be where they are in their creative or business life, and the process of being on the show can offer inspiration to others, which is really what living is all about...helping to pass on what you've learned to others and in the process make a positive contribution to humanity on the planet. Rick's approach excels in bringing out the humanity in others. Get yourself on the show!

Teddy Hayes , Author/Producer

One of the best interviews I've ever experienced!

I can tell Rick really loves what he does behind the mic as a podcast host. I've been on many podcasts, and seldom is the host as skilled as Rick. He made the experience like an effortless conversation between friends, where I got to talk about what I love. His interview style is friendly and approachable, yet dynamic, with a great sense of humor thrown in!

You won't regret the time you spend with Rick - he'll make you sound like a superstar!

Rick has an uncanny ability to draw out valuable info from his guests, so think of each episode as a mini masterclass on a particular topic. You'll leave with new knowledge and appreciation of the topic of the episode.

Donna Gunter , President

Rick is a Masterful Podcast Host!

I got a little nervous immediately before the call, but when Rick reminded me that this would be like a chat with a friend, I immediately relaxed and the result is an interview I am very pleased with. Rick was very supportive and encouraging with his comments - while letting me lead the way I presented each aspect of my work. Rick masterfully sensed when I was complete with a certain topic and guided me to the next one to be certain that during the interview I covered the issues, the solution and information on how to work with me. Whether this is your first podcast interview or you are a pro, you don't want to miss working with Rick! By letting Rick interview, you, you will gain reams of confidence as well as walk away with a goldmine for your business!

Kathi Sohn , CEO

A Fantastic Host Who Knows How To Help Entrepreneurs

I REALLY enjoyed my interview with Rick. He did a fantastic job and boy, does he do his homework. He went way beyond the basics of my book and dug deep into the concepts, but also worked to uncover what they truly mean to entrepreneurs.

Rick is very organized, professional and has a process that works. He keeps it simple and makes it really easy to be a guest on his show.

I like Rick's message, "What's my future business going to be?" That's how I thought about my business before I started it and it's just a really great way to get others to think about it as well. That message comes through during the interviews and so does Rick's passion for wanting entrepreneurs to be successful.

John Wessinger , Business Strategist - Lateralus Solutions

Enjoyable Time Sharing My Shifting Gears Book

My experience on the my future business show was terrific. Rick immediately put us in conversational mode and soon it was like two buddies talking over a beer, or because of the time difference maybe over a coffee. The flow of the whole booking process including scheduling and connecting was super smooth. Rick does his homework. He knew the subject so that he could ask perceptive and important questions. Because of his questions and his listening skills, he drew out the best in me. Rick's style connects to your product in a way that his listeners will better understand what you have to offer. Book your interviews!

Richard Haiduck , Author

Appreciated My Time On The Show

Rick is very engaging, authentic and asked great questions. Best part was feeling Rick was genuinely and sincerely interested in getting to know me and my purpose. Rick is genuine and sincerely interested in getting to know you as well as provide a great service to grow your business, he's very professional and highly effective at providing a great service and value.

Karrie Klimas , SDLM Coach

Rick Nuske is a Masterful Interviewer

Rick was able to penetrate the esoteric topic of scalar light and ask questions pertinent to my research. I was impressed with his grasp of the new and emerging science of scalar light. Rick conducted the interview on a personal level that served to present my life and work that would be acceptable to a diverse audience. Rick is a great communicator.

Tom Paladino , Researcher

Fantastic flow

Rick is a great host. He's so natural, and really had a good feel for the organic flow of our conversation. I've done over 100 shows, and Rick is one of the standouts in this regard. He's not formulaic, but rather actively listens to help guide the conversation in a way that leads to the best insights for the listeners. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with him.

His style made getting my message out very natural and comfortable. It's easy to be inspired and educated by the show because of how well Rick hosts it.

Bryan Falchuk , Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Life & Executive Coach

Rick is a receptive listener and an awesome communicator

Rick is extremely friendly and will help you promote your business as you discuss your strengths and skill sets. He had no problem helping me promote my business, I enjoyed speaking honestly and authentically with someone who truly cared about what I had to say.

Rick is a receptive listener and an awesome communicator. He spoke both to me as well as his listeners during the call. If you're fortunate to become one of Rick's guests on the My Future Business Show, I am confident you will have a similar, wonderful experience!

Lorraine Reguly , Author And Writing Expert

Great Show, Great Experience!

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, as it was unlike most other interviews. I love how Rick took the time to take a closer look at the personal side of my story, while also keeping a good balance with the wider corporate focus and development. I loved Rick's interview style, he's very easy to chat with. Good channel. Check it out and book your interview!

KL Wong , Founder and Chairman

I had an awesome conversation with Rick

Rick is a really good host and helps keep the flow of the conversation going and focused on my business.

It was an awesome experience overall and I really enjoyed having the ability to share my business with the My Future Business audience.

This show helps grow your audience, and I definitely recommend that you book your spot on the show.

Joshua Maddux , CEO @ 95Visual

Amazing Podcast Host - thoughtful, genuine, curious and great questions!

Rick is super curious and pull so much knowledge out of people, it's truly incredible! Great questions, super friendly and can't wait to send some of my founder friends Rick's way! Highly recommend you listen in and book your spot on the show!

Nicholas Hinrichsen , Founder

Our Experience On The Show

Rick is amazing. He is the most perfect host we've experiences so far. He knows how to stay engaged and keeps listeners tuning in.

This will open up doors for a lot of people. Great way for people to get information and learn different topics that can be extremely beneficial to their lives.

This is the perfect podcast to listen to for great exposure and great information, so book your spot.

Shi'e Fleming , Partner

An honor and pleasure to be on the show

Great experience, Rick is very easy to talk with.

I like the mix of questions that he asked. They were questions that I have not been asked before on a Podcast.

Worth getting yourself an interview. Check it out!

Nachum Kligman , CEO BLAB

Rick pulls the best answers out of his guests!

Chatting with Rick is a memorable experience. I loved the format of our conversation, as if we were having a chat over tea or another adult beverage! I could've talked with Rick for hours on a variety of subjects, that we both are passionate about.

I loved the format and the warm vibe of the conversations. The time flew by!

This is a great opportunity to be heard around the world, and to have real and applicable conversations about small business life.

Rick's warmth towards his guests, and the format of the conversation, made it a wonderful experience. It didn't feel like an interview!


Michael Levitt , CEO Breakfast Leadership Club

Excellent Call

What an excellent call. Great questions. Very good connection of each point throughout our conversation.

I loved this unique opportunity to share my experiences, and Rick's insightful questions were next level.

If you are a new business owner, or want to be a business owner, this is the podcast for you.

Mark Noon , Int. Speaker & Coach

Amazing Interview for My Business!

I had such a pleasant conversation with Rick. Everything flowed so naturally. It felt like I had known him for years. I loved Rick’s interview style! He naturally knew how to transition into different topics and how to ask insightful questions. If you have a message to share and a business that you would like to talk about and share, The My Future Business Show is a great place to do that!

Zee Najarian , Speaker

Great Experience!

I'vev been interviewed on a lot of podcasts. Many were like pulling teeth to talk with. With Rick, the conversation was fun and engaging.

In fact, it was just plain fun! and I didn't once feel like a chore or one of those "have to do" for my business types of things.

I always love to meet another Metallica fan!! :)

If you're trying to get outside of your box and thinking that speaking on podcasts is one of the ways to do it. Then, this is the one to do it. Not intimidating at all.

Amy Pierquet , Owner

Relaxed And Engaging Host

Rick is a warm and welcoming host. It was like a conversation in a coffee shop so I felt at ease talking to him.

The interview style was relaxed yet engaging. Rick was a great listener as well as asking pertinent questions to stimulate the conversation.

My Future Business Show is a comprehensive, informative and relevant resource for those seeking practical business insight and advice.


Shane Spiers , Business Scaling Strategist

Incredible Interview and Questions

My experience with Rick was excellent. Very warm and friendly and asked excellent questions to get to the heart of the answer. The questions by far were the main standout point for me. They really explored the depths of the answer and teased out valuable insights that I don't think I have shared before. Exceptionally well organized and detailed. I felt fully prepared and overall enjoyed the entire experience! Highly recommended!

Mark Colgan , Co-Founder

Great Interviewer!

Wonderful experience! Rick has lots of insightful questions and the conversation flowed easily!

I really loved how it was a natural and easy conversation and it felt really good to be a part of.

Definitely, do it...get on the show if you can.

Through my research leading up to my call with Rick, I could tell he was an attentive listener and did his research before hand.


Jocelyn Kuhn , Coach and Author

Great Experience!

Rick has a calming presence and sincere approach to interviewing his guests. He was easy to talk to and asked great questions, too! The best part about being on the My Future Business Show was the opportunity to talk about my passion and share it with others. I am hoping to get the word out more and more, and this podcast leant itself to that opportunity. It was also great to meet Rick! I would tell my friends that the My Future Business Show is a great avenue to pursue if you want a chance to speak to the world. I also found it intriguing that I was speaking to Rick half-way around the world, and it was like he was next door! Love this world we live in and Rick makes it better through his show. Thank you.

S. Ciaramitaro , Author

A Quality Conversation

Rick's a fantastic host and I had a great experience as a guest on The My Future Business Show. He delivered high quality questions and we had a really meaningful conversation.

Rick did his homework about me and what I do so we save a lot of time getting straight into it. It also allowed us to cover topics in depth which allowed me to share things I haven't shared on other shows.

I've been on many podcasts as a guest and it's always pleasing to be on one that is both prepared and professional. I highly recommend that you book your spot on the My Future Business Show.


Omar Zenhom , Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja

Great Interview

I usually get nervous during interviews, but my interview with Rick was like talking with a friend. It was a comfortable process and I truly enjoyed it.

The entire interview was the best part. I enjoyed the questions he asked, made me feel like he was genuinely interested in my work.

I've already shared the information with friends, letting them know its a pain-free process, that Rick is really friendly and very professional.


Leadership from the inside out

Rick was so easy and relatable to chat with. He understood my business and was able to get the best out of me for his listeners.

The quality of Ricks questions was fantastic. So with that and the free flow of our interaction I was able to take the information to a deep level for really useful tips for the clients listening.

Definitely apply to be on the show as Rick has a real talent to draw the best out of you.

Liana Allison , Empathic Leadership Coach

Great Experience - Recommended

Really enjoyed being on the show with Rick. He asked the right questions about marketing, pertinent to what business owners want to know.

Good interview. Kept it upbeat and interesting. A good show to listen to. Also a good opportunity to be a guest.

Good information for business owners. Not a lot of theory, stuff they can really use.

Steve Turner , Principal

Great conversation with a genuinely nice host!

My interview experience was easy, relaxed and just like chatting with a friend! The format is great and flowed so well, Rick is great at what he does! This is a great platform to chat with an experienced, genuine host on your business and about the things that matter to you.

Joanie Fay , Personal Trainer

Rick is one of the most genuine hosts I have ever met!

I loved my interview with Rick. He has a very easy-going personality and knows how to get to the heart of what matters to his guests. He is a gentle soul with a great mind for all topics. I highly recommend Rick's show! It is obvious he has a passion for what he does, and he does it very well!

Rick is a very engaging host and he made me feel like everything I had to say was of upmost importance.

Don't hesitate to book an interview with Rick. He is well worth the time!

Paz Ellis , Published Author

Great Interview

Had a great time speaking with Rick about my eBook and business. Being able to speak about this huge opportunity for entrepreneurs was a blast! The My Future Business Show is a great place to highlight your business endeavors! Book your interview today.

Tommy Green , Owner

A Comfortable Conversation

Rick Nuske is very personable and easy to speak with. His questions are insightful and he listens attentively to your answers.

I definitely like the conversational tone of the My Future Business Show. It doesn't feel like you are being interviewed, it feels as though you are chatting with a good friend.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to get their business to the public to contact Rick. I will be refering my friends to the My Future Business Show

Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman , CEO & Author

Great Resource for Market Exposure and Building Self Confidence

I really enjoyed my time on the show. Going into the interview, I was a bit nervous and concerned that I would sound like a bumbling idiot. Everything went extremely well and it was over before I even realized that 30 minutes had gone by.

Rick is a fantastic interviewer. He immediately puts you at ease and makes the process so easy. You feel like you are conversing with a good friend and the time just flies by.

I would highly recommend the show for anyone interested in promoting their own business or to learn about the passions of others. Each episode delivers unique content which is very useful, interesting and informative.

Peter Gerard Warmka , Human Hacker


The process leading up to the podcast was really smooth, and talking with Rick was like having a beer with a buddy in a pub. Just talking back and forth and I learned from Rick so I benefitted from him. Hopefully I provided value too! This is one of the smoothest, easiest ways to reach a global audience with your insight.

Joe Templin , Author

A worth while experience!

Rick was very professional and made us feel very comfortable.

Rick asked very insightful questions that really allowed his listeners to understand our purpose.

This show is fun and relaxing which allows you to be your best and be the professional you are. I have recommended him to all my business associates.

Stephen & Sonji Millet , Transformational speakers & relationship bliss coaches

Rick, Thank you for having me on The My Future Business Show!

I had a great time. I liked how Rick took his time to create a charming and relaxing atmosphere before the show itself began. Rick is a very professional podcaster and I felt like I was held to a high standard.

I particularly enjoyed how Rick gave me the chance to talk about myself and really let his audience know about everything that I can do. I liked how my copy-writing skills were the subject of conversation and how *my personal experiences* were used as examples.

I'll be promoting the My Future Business Show to: - my email list - Twitter, and everywhere else I can to help this show continue to grow!

Aasmund Ryningen , Copywriter

Approachable, Lively and Always Interesting

Rick Nuske is an excellent interviewer and creates an enthusiastic atmosphere. He is one of the best host/Interviewers ever and I've interacted with dozens. He knows the direction he wants to take the interview because he knows his audience.

Thankfully, it never felt heavy handed or a one-sided agenda. When I introduced a new idea or concept he was able to quickly grasp onto it, segue and ask followup questions, and then loop it back around. That is the mark of a great listener and interviewer. I hope I'm fortunate and invited back - it was a fun and worthwhile experience.

Working with Rick is working with a pro. He is organized, has a few pre-show communications and superb after show follow-up. As a guest I know it's my responsibility to make the host's job easy and to be prepared. Rick flips it back and makes the guests feel relaxed so as to get the very best contribution. Such a pro! He is an authentic and terrific relationship builder - I bet every guest wants to come back on his show. I certainly do! Thanks Rick - look forward to talking again soon.

Listen to My Future Business Show with Rick Nuske because he has lively interactions where the audience feels like they're sitting together in a coffee shop or on a coach laughing and learning. I highly recommend listening to his show regularly. Everyone learns at all levels- from starting a career or business to the well established enterprises looking for the nuances and changes that when leveraged make significant differences. Through Rick's skillful interviewing and generosity, the audience experiences new thoughts and ideas fully, explores validating statements and gains applicable ideas coupled with evidence-based information. My Future Business Show is very 21st century ... mixing casualness with rock solid and valuable insights. Subscribe and add it to your podcast list. You'll be a better person and a better business professional for it!!


Gwen Taylor , Founder

Great Show

Rick was very easy to talk to and knowledgeable about Payroll, which is not common.

Rick asks smart questions and is building a great show to learn and share your ideas.

Charles Read , Payroll Expert

Good show!

Rick asks the right questions and thus provides value for his audience.

The show deals with important business topics and is useful for anyone dealing with business issues.

Garrett Sutton , Attorney To Robert Kiyosaki & Certified Rich Dad Advisor

Loved Being on the Show with Rick!

Rick was a professional from the beginning- answered all my questions and made it easy to have me as a featured guest on his show.

We had a great conversation on his podcast- it was as though we sitting in a living room over tea having meaningful conversation.

The best part of the experience for me was Rick's poignant questions and his ability to highlight and appreciate me as an expert on his show.

Absolutely get on the show. It's a great show to get your message out there.


Stephanie Staidle , Founder & CEO - TRBE

Great interview

Rick is a great host. He is very easy to talk to and keeps the conversation flowing well.

The best conversations happen naturally and that's exactly how Rick runs his show. You feel like you are swapping stories with a friend.

Rick is organized and easy to work with. If you're looking for a way to get more exposure around a book or a new program, i highly recommend booking your spot on the show.

Amy Walker , CEO

If you see a need then plant a seed.

Rick makes the interviewing process painless and fun. I really enjoyed the personal touch he put into our conversation and the research he had done prior to the call. Plus he was so organized in terms of the log on and reminders before the show. Great stuff! I enjoyed the range of questions and how thoughtful Rick was through the podcast. Very organized and well worth the time spent. Definitely recommend you book an interview to get seen.

Ron F Richard , Founder

Talking with Rick Was Easy And Enjoyable

Talking with Rick was very easy, and very enjoyable. I was so glad he was able to have me on his show.

I liked that the questions were not just a scripted format but that we had a real conversation.

Rick is a kind man and being on his show is a great experience. Book your spot on the show!


Casey Stubbs , Lead Generation Expert

Practical Business Tips for Down Under and Elsewhere

I found Rick easy to talk to and the source of good questions designed to be of real use to listeners. We had an easy, flowing interview that touched on a very large variety of subject materials related to businesses and what to get out of them. This was a good, fun, show to participate in because of Rick's at the kitchen table style of approach to hosting the show.

Wm. Hovey Smith , Author

Best Interviewer Ever!

Rick, you are a fantastic interviewer. Honored to be a guest on your show.

You are a terrific host. You ask great questions, very relevant, you're a great listener, and because you're a practitioner yourself, you know to ask the right questions which go deep into what you want your listeners to know and learn.

Anyone in your niche should want to be a guest on your show, so they can share their knowledge, experience and perspective with your audience, and add value to your listeners. Awesome show!

Ravi Jayagopal , Entrepreneur and Digital Creator

Had So Much Fun with Rick on The My Future Business Show

I have been interviewed on a number of Podcasts, and I found Rick to be one of the easiest interviewers that I've had the pleasure working with. He is smart, warm and fun to talk with. It was great to have had a one on one experience which was meaningful and rewarding.

Rick allows the guest to be themselves and makes them the important part of the show. This is not the case with some interviewers. You feel like he is an old friend.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or book author, listen in, and book your spot on the show...your interview will sell itself.

Clyde McCulley , Author


Rick is well-prepared and the interview was so enjoyable the time flew by.

The interview process from start to finish was professional and the host was informed and understood the topics.

Get on the show and you will have an intelligent discourse with a forward thinking host.


The Fix Yourself Handbook

This was a wonderful experience. Rick was personable, and insightful. His questions were on target, and I believe he gave his listeners an in-depth interview, one that they can use both personally and in their business approaches. I walked away with a new perspective with regard to ongoing interviews.

This was a conversation that quickly elevated into an educational experience. It was both challenging and relaxed; the sign of a quality interviewer.

Faust Ruggiero , Author

Perfectly Professional

Rick is a very experienced and professional host. He asked very good questions that enabled me to explain my business, what I invented, and the potential growth and opportunities for other entrepreneurs.

The best part of being on The My Future Business Show was being able to walk through all the details about my business and our future potentials.

I would tell my friends that The My Future Business Show is a very professionally run podcast with a very experienced host, The My Future Business Show is a great Podcast to listen to and to be a guest on.

D Dondiego , Entrepreneur

Rick Has A Fantastic Level of Knowledge Across Many Topics

I had a fantastic experience with Rick. He had great questions to help uncover the nature of our business and our space. I can’t recommend it enough. The interview was conversational, where we were able to go back-and-forth on key areas of crypto, which helped provide an insight into what type of info can be found on our service. One of the first podcasts that you should schedule is My Future Business Show.

Edmund McCormack , Founder & CEO

Rick has great interviewing skills!

Not knowing what exactly to expect, I found that speaking to Rick was like talking to an old friend. He makes the interviewee feel at ease, and lets the conversation flow freely. I felt that, in a relatively short period of time, all pertinent points were touched. Rick is very professional, does beautiful editing after the interview and gives you access to recordings and graphics almost immediately. I am impressed and I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you decide to lock in an interview on The My Future Business Show!

I actually like the unscripted interview style a lot. It allows for a very natural flow of the conversation.

You will be pleasantly surprised about the highly professional-looking graphics and great editing skills Rick has. Book your spot on the show!

Dr. Irena Kay , Excutive business coach

Awesome Interview with RIck Nuske!

Rick is an incredible interview host! He is highly professional, engaging, understanding and asks the right types of questions at the right time. Rick's production of the interview is first class. Book your spot on the show to get your business out there!

Chuck Clayton , Author

Very Enjoyable Interview

Rick is very friendly and we had a great chat, just like we were sat down with a cuppa at a cafe! He clearly understands business and business people.

Rick is a good interviewer and asked questions to bring out what would be the most useful tips and insights for his SME business owner audience.

I really enjoyed Rick's interview. The My Future Business Show podcast is a great opportunity to communicate your value whilst helping early stage and small business owners. You get to share a freebie and your contact details in the interview and on the episode web page, so interested parties can find and connect with you. The whole booking process is very well organised so you're sure of every step along the way.

Una Doyle , Business Strategist & Mindset Coach

Awesome interview!

I've done other podcast interviews and Rick was by far the most entertaining and natural feeling of all of them. Much more conversational and enjoyable and I recommend anyone who can get on his show to do it!

Rick's interview style is smooth and easy and non scripted. Very enjoyable experience and I'm sure very enjoyable to listen to as well!

Listen in, and book your interview!

Allan Langer , Author/Speaker

An Amazing Experience!

Rick was so engaged with my topic, and you could tell that he'd done his research, and he asked fantastic questions!

It was a blast being on the show. Top to bottom this was an amazing experience!

This is worth your time, everything was very straightforward and easy. I loved the process.

Fully Aligned Coaching on Facebook

Alyx Coble-Frakes , Founder of Fully Aligned Coaching

An Enjoyable Conversation That Could Have Lasted for Hours!

I loved the experience. I've been a guest on a number of podcasts and Rick is by far one of the more seasoned hosts. Rick! It's like talking to an old friend. He's personable, makes you feel comfortable and asks great questions. If you are looking for ideas to help you in any part of your business, check out Rick's guest list and topics. There is something for everyone.

Alexis Gladstone , Founder

Rick is fabulous and inspiring!

Rick asks great questions that brings out important content!

Rick is easy to talk to and it was like sharing a conversation with a best friend at happy hour!

Watch the episodes and book your spot on the show!

Tammy L Guns , guest

Thank you Rick! You are so Awesome...

I loved Rick's personality. He is a wonderful listener and I can tell he carefully read the information I sent to him prior to the interview. He is delightful and so easy to talk to! I enjoyed being able to talk to Rick about my journey and he asked me such interesting questions about my years of living in the Middle East. Rick is such a warm and friendly person. He asks very interesting questions and he helps you feel genuinely comfortable and special! :)

Jennifer Benson , Author

Rick is an amazing host! He involves you in really interesting discussions that are really engaging for everyone. Covers lot of topics seamlessly and every episode is filled with tons of great information.

Rick is very knowledgeable, experienced and easy going host and provides amazing value to his listeners. He involves you in really interesting discussions that are really engaging for everyone. He covers lot of topics seamlessly and every episode is filled with tons of great information.

It was such an easy interview, like having a face to face conversation. No pressure at all. The thing I really liked is that Rick is really good at covering a wide range of topics that will benefit his audience in a number of ways. It’s a great show! Full of value! A must listen to for everyone looking to start a business or grow their business.

Rahul Aggarwal , Founder

Rick is a Warm and Welcoming Interviewer

I get nervous before interviews, but Rick made me feel quite comfortable and welcome. His questions were thoughtful, professional, and sometimes surprising, but in a good way. Rick was very polished. It's comforting to feel like you're dealing with a professional. And I felt like we could have chatted for much longer because we were truly enjoying the topics. Rick made the experience very easy, from scheduling, to connecting for the call, to answering questions. Book your interview if you want to promote yourself or your business.

Tonya Todd , Guest

Awesome Questions Awesome Show!

Rick is extremely personal and definitely did his homework before having me on the show. Being a guest on the show is more of a conversation than an interview, which I enjoyed.

Rick was able to touch on quite a few topics within SEO giving the audience a 30,000 foot view of the subject matter. We didn't overwhelm the audience, and gave them a glimpse inside what SEO can do for their business... hopefully sparking their curiosity.

Do it! Get on the show!... It truly felt like going to a bar/pub, having a beer with a friend and talking about business/marketing. A great show!

Greg Digneo , Founder

A Wealth of Experience and a Fantastic Man

I truly enjoyed working with Rick throughout the whole process. He was kind, considerate, and very well-spoken. He also was understanding because of some technical difficulties that arose due to the weather in my area. I would highly recommend anyone A. listen to his podcast as faithfully as I do and B. take any opportunity to be on his show, should the situation arise.

I loved the easygoing conversation-between-friends format that Rick so easily puts into place. I also was able to relate to him on a number of levels that I am sure his other listeners do routinely.

It is a treasure trove of information in the business world between a sincere and accomplished businessman and his lucky guests.

Keagen Hadley , Owner

Exceeding Expectation is an Understatement

Rick is a rock star! From scheduling to post-interview, every interaction exceeded my expectations. For starters, the interview felt like a conversation with a lifelong friend ...and Rick and I barely met for 5 minutes before the show. The interview was magical. But then shortly afterwards, I received the files and artwork he produced to promote my show. Simply incredible. As a podcaster and live streamer, Rick sets the highest of bars!

It was an amazing conversation and one of the few that ended where I thought "I wish I could get a do-over." Pretty close to flawless!

Do it, book your spot on the show, and make sure to listen to the show!

Ira S Wolfe , Author & TEDx Speaker

Brilliant. As they say in the US - Fkn'g great!

Over the past 60 days I've done approximately 45 interviews. I can say unequivocally that Rick is one of the best, IF NOT THE BEST, interviewer I've worked with. Pure Brilliance. In short, one of the best interviewers on the web. Honest approach. Listen. Watch. Learn. NOW!

Thank you, Rick. Job Very Well Done. JP

Jim Pakulis , CEO, Boosh


My experience with Rick was phenomenal! I had a blast doing the interview. We informed, inspired and entertained the audience! Rick has a real chemistry with his guests.

My best part about being on the show was the spontaneous nature of the conversation and the chemistry between us. Those two things make the interview so entertaining. It almost does not sound like an interview. It sounds like two guys talking about business and giving people game at the same time.

I highly recommend that my friends listen to show and learn business experiences from people in the game. I would tell my colleagues, there are some really good shows with guest that will blow you away. Every week you get a case study on different business experiences with awesome guests.

What I like most about the podcast is that it was very organic, spontaneous, but on point. I really like how the show is structured. This is one of the best interviews I’ve done.


D. Anthony Miles , CEO and Founder

Excellent Interview Experience

Rick is a warm and welcoming host. I was immediately relaxed talking with him. I liked how he wanted the podcast interview to be a conversation and it truly was.

I appreciated that Rick allowed me to talk about my books and my speaking engagements. He really took to heart what I requested we talk about. He then made sure we covered it.

I like the interview style and the relaxed feel. Rick was very good at letting me talk and not making me feel rushed.

Pamela Foland , Author & Speaker

A Sincere Discussion

Uplifting conversation, I felt like I was talking with a real person.

Good realistic questions that felt natural, thoughtful and sincere.

I recommended the my future business show to share your message.

Loretta Breuning , Author & Professor

Great Interview

This is the first time I have interviewed with Rick. I found his approach well organized with meaningful questions and discussion. Very relaxed discussion in which I was able to expound on a few things that required more time. Absolutely positive experience, recommend you book your spot on the show!

Quinton Hennigh , Geologic and Technical Director

One of the best experiences working with anybody!

Rick is an amazing host. He is extremely patient and reliable, and someone that simply knows how to highlight what matters in a profound way. After three attempts at getting on the show, Rick hosted me like a long-lost friend and made the experience one of a kind. Really thrilled and happy I managed to meet this dynamic host! The best part was talking with Rick on the show, and The My Future Business Show is the best place to get your business seen.

Desirel C Lawrence , Speaker

Easy to work with. A++ on the process and reminders

Rick was incredibly easy to talk with and it was obvious that he invested the extra time to research both me and my company prior to our podcast recording. Rick is inquisitive and his curiosity about the topics of my business and personal business journey were obvious. Apply to be a guest on My Future Business Show today. You can always find an excuse to wait and put it off until another day. Instead, take the small two-minute investment of time now to start the process of being featured on this leading business podcast.

Kurt Uhlir , Chief Marketing Officer

An incredible sharing experience with a talented host

I had such a wonderful experience talking with Rick on The My Future Business Show. Our conversation hit home on many levels and Rick asked me just the right questions that developed our conversation to even deeper levels. Such a great and gracious host. Being a guest on the show gave me the opportunity to discuss at length the simple, yet profound things humankind can do to alleviate their own suffering. It allowed me to share some easy-to-apply benefits and let the listeners know that there is a course available that's designed to help teens and young adults unravel their beliefs and set themselves free of emotional torment. I have already told every member of the Brand Builder Group I'm currently enrolled in that they would benefit from getting in touch with Rick to see if they are a good fit as a guest and how wonderful the messages are that are shared through My Future Business. It's clear that the mission of My Future Business is that through their guests they bring messages to the globe that are powerful and potentially healing for the many. It was an honor to be chosen to be a guest on the show. Thank you, Rick!

Sharon Valenti , Guest Speaker

Wonderful host, Great Show!

Rick is a great host and a natural podcast speaker. His easy manners and to-the-point questions made my interview a real treat. Not only did he make me feel comfortable sharing my work and my story with his listeners, he was also very good about managing our time together so we could cover several interesting topics. That kind of focus is rare to find in a podcast, and I really appreciated it. Rick is friendly, encouraging, and a real asset to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere!

I really liked the way Rick kept the conversation flowing, going deeper into a topic when needed and transitioning to other topics before the conversation could get bogged down. This really adds value to the show so all types of listeners can benefit from the talk.

Rick's show is a great way to get your work in front of new audiences and have fun at the same time.

Ahmed Lotfy Rashed , Author - What Would A Muslim Say

Great Experience!!

Rick was very professional. He was respectful of my time and asked wonderful questions. I appreciated the text reminder that was sent 30 min prior to our meeting time, that was a nice touch. Rick's style is conversational, uplifting, positive and kind. It was a joy to chat with him on the show. I have been a guest on a number of podcasts, Rick is one of my best experiences. He is professional, asks captivating questions and knows his audience. I highly recommend being a guest on this podcast.

Gemma Fountain , Health Coach

Such A Great Conversation

Rick is a pro. I enjoyed the conversation and I felt like I was talking to a close friend. The opportunity to talk about my book and answering questions about the business aspect of publishing was magical. A show to book yourself on!

Anita Yombo , Writer

Want To Get In Front Of Your Best Audience, And Stay There?....Then Get Yourself On The My Future Business Show!

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