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Chris Parsons A Little Spark

Interview with Chris Parsons about A Little Spark and Be That Spark

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, founder of Zuroam Media Mr. Chris Parsons to talk about his book ‘A Little Spark’ which is redefining children’s literature.

Originally from a fishing village in Newfoundland, to a global technology executive, Chris Parsons is now making his mark on children’s literature. Because of Chris’ ability to tap into wonderfully rich storytelling in an innovative way, people are noticing Zuroam Media and ‘A Little Spark’. In fact, Chris’ work has received the Mom’s Choice Award for Excellence.

Going back a little bit, Chris left his executive position at AT&T behind to focus full time on his true passion and life mission of creating meaningful experiences for children. He subsequently formed a publishing start-up called Zuroam Media and began assembling an amazing team of editors, illustrators, animators and musicians.

Chris’ vision for “A Little Spark” was to create an experience incorporating a great story, fantastical illustrations with a music soundtrack and an audiobook adaption. In short, to make it an interactive experience for families and classes to read and listen to together, appealing to “kids from 2 to 82.”

Chris believes that, by utilizing engaging stories, reading and music, children can be encouraged to Be That Spark and do amazing things with their little lives. Today, Chris lives in Dallas with his wife, Kathleen and their two children Kealan and Maggie where they share a love of all God’s creatures including their two Newfoundland Dogs, Bear and Abbey.

This is a content-rich conversation in which Chris shares his journey towards turning A Little Spark into a big success. There are many people involved who have helped create this wonderful children’s resource, and credit goes to each and every person who has contributed to this amazing book.

To learn more about Zuroam Media, A Little Spark, or to contact Chris directly, click the link below.

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