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Let’s Go Shopping Adeola Oyekola

Interview with author of Let’s Go Shopping Adeola Oyekola

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming author, trainer and teacher Adeola Oyekola to talk about her reasons for writing and publishing books, the journey writing has taken her on, the benefits writing delivers to her audience, and about her latest release “Let’s Go Shopping”.

As an experienced teacher, trainer and writer, specializing in childhood teaching Adeola reveals why she writes as we discuss her book content. Adeola writes relatable stories, and shares many of her popular themes during the call. Themes like the search for Greener Pastures, Betrayal, Culture, Piety, and Children's Reaction to Care and Intentional Teaching.

On this content-rich call, Adeola shares insights into her latest book “Let’s Go Shopping” which shows you how to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your child’s diet. In Let’s go shopping, a mom and her child complete all the necessary steps to go grocery shopping, which serves to remind your child on what she/he needs to do when it’s time to go shopping. Your child will learn the name of some delicious fruits and vegetables while reading how the child asks the mom what each one is. The book is a loving and fun conversation about food and will be a must-have for any of your picky eaters.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Adeola directly, click the link below.

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