Get In Front Of Your Best Customers With SPONSORED AUDIO ADVERTISING...

What Benefits Will I Get With A Sponsored Audio Ad?

Sponsorship ads are a proven way of getting your business and message in front of prospective customers.

As there is only ONE DEDICATED HOME PAGE AUDIO ADVERT spot available every thirty days, this is a premium offer for serious business builders.


Our 60 second home page sponsored audio ad is particularly powerful for the following reasons:

  • Our home page is the most visited page of our site, and has new and unique visitors visiting each and every day.
  • The audience wins because you are sharing a product or service that can help them achieve their goals, and
  • As the advertiser, you also win because you’re extending your reach and gaining more exposure for your business, book or venture.

Using our sponsored ads system, you can promote and market your products and services, which can help you:

  • Grow your email list by offering free lead magnets i.e. downloads or checklists
  • Share with listeners your latest free and paid products and services
  • Invite listeners to join you for a free consultation leading to paying customers and clients
  • Stay in front of mind of an audience that wants your products and services
  • There are so many other benefits to creating your sponsorship ad. Limited only by your imagination.

Another major benefit is that you know the type of people who listen to The My Future Business Show, you know the host, and you know the quality of the content that the show creates.

The My Future Business Show has been a labour of love for more than half a decade, and is the right place to get your message heard.

Sponsored Audio Ad Details

My Future Business offers SPONSORED AUDIO ADS between 30-60 seconds in length.

We offer three types of sponsored audio ads

  • INTERVIEW PREROLL - [15-30 seconds]
  • INTERVIEW POSTROLL - [15-30 seconds]

Dedicated Home Page Audio Advert: this is your unique audio advert on the home page.

*This is where I will talk about your product or service [and include a call to action.

The difference with the dedicated home page audio advert, is that you are the only advertiser.

Preroll: this is your audio ad that is played before the main interview.

*This is where I will talk about your product or service [and include a call to action].

Postroll: this is an audio ad that is played after the main interview.

*This is where I will talk about your product or service [and include a call to action].

*Note – you have the option to provide your own audio ad [in mp3 format and between 15 and 30 seconds] or have us create it for you.

During your Preroll and Postroll audio ads, I will talk about your products and services, and tell listeners how to learn more about your products and services i.e. by visiting a website, sending an email or calling you.


The reason for this is because My Future Business interviews are 100% focused on the guest, and as such, only guests can add audio sponsorship ads to their unique interview player which is available on their unique post page.

Accordingly, if you are NOT an interview guest, and you want to create a HOME PAGE sponsorship audio ad, then this opportunity is for you.

IF you ARE a GUEST on The My Future Business Show, then you will be given the opportunity to place your order for a sponsorship audio advert during the normal checkout process at 75% off the prices listed below. You can also order below. Guest sponsored audio ads will run for 30 days continuous.


As an established show with hundreds of visitors and listeners each day, we offer the following options for the HOME PAGE audio ad…

For $187 [*one-time fee], you get a DEDICATED HOME PAGE AUDIO ADVERT ad that is live for 30 days continuous.

Keep in mind that the My Future Business home page is a high traffic area, and we have strategically placed [and tested] the location of the podcast player to maximise your sponsored ad exposure.

For $147 [*one-time fee], you get a PREROLL ad & POSTROLL ad played before and after your existing podcast interview live for 30 days continuous.

This is a unique advertising opportunity that is available to one advertiser each month.

The Application Process

To apply, simply click the button link below

When you click the button link above, you will be redirected to an application form.

When completing this application form, be as specific as possible and fill in every section.

From there, click submit, and you will be redirected to our checkout page.

Once you have confirmed your sponsorship ad, you will be sent further details to your nominated email address.

When your ad is ready, you will be notified by email to let you know that your sponsorship ad is live.

Not all applicants are successful as there has to be a good fit between the topic of the show, and your products and services.

Get In Front Of Your Best Customers With BANNER ADVERTISING...

Our total focus is on connecting your business, book or venture with your best customers.

To do that, we offer site-wide banner advertisement across the My Future Business website.

Our history of attracting high-quality traffic each month, has consistently resulted in click-through rates ['CTR's] exceeding 2.55 percent. 

The reason for this success, is due to the popularity of The My Future Business Show.

Here are some details about placing banners on the My Future Business site...

Ad Duration - Banner spots are sold either as a one off fee, or on a per month basis.

Ad Payment - We accept PayPal & Credit Card via our ThriveCart checkout platform.

Ad Subscription - Where monthly is selected, banners will be shown continuously until cancelled. Click on 'Subscription' to activate this feature.

Your complete banner ad set will be active for 30 consecutive days, and banners are seen on all pages where our banner ad system is installed.

Note: This offer INCLUDES the creation of your banner ad set.

Advertise today and start getting more of your best audience in front of your business, book or venture.

Your Banner Ad Set Includes All Of The Following Sizes...

728x90 Banner

[HOME Page]

728x90 Banner 


728x90 Banner 

[SHOP Page]

250x250 Banner

[Blog & About Page]

125x125 Banner

[Blog & About Page]

Don't Have A Set Of Banners To Use?

My Future Business designs them for you as part of this offer!

Banners are designed within 2-4 business days.

Banners can be developed as animated GIFs or static images.

You choose the color and images you want to use in you design.

You get to keep your banner set, and you are free to use them on your website.