Welcome To The My Future Business™ Affiliate Program.

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. 

And although you have absolutely no obligation to promote My Future Business™ and earn serious commissions, if you choose to, that’s fantastic; and we look forward to rewarding you.

Instant Affiliates

This means that as soon as you purchase any product, or even signs up for a free product, you will get an instant affiliate link that you can immediately start using to promote My Future Business products and services.

In fact, you will also get your own unique affiliate link inside your welcome email itself, which also contains your affiliate login info! So even before you’ve logged into your members area to download or view your free download and affiliate content, you’ll have already become a  My Future Business™ affiliate and can start promoting to others, and start to earn healthy commissions.

Global Affiliate Link

There’s just one “core” (default) affiliate link that you use to promote My Future Business™ products and services, and regardless of which product your referral ends up buying, you get paid on all of those purchased products.

So it’s like an Amazon affiliate link. One global link that gets you paid on any resulting purchases. So your specific affiliate link could be promoting a book, electronic gadget, shoe or clothing. And once your referral gets to Amazon.com after clicking your affiliate link, even if they don’t purchase that specific product that you just them to, and go on to purchase ANY other product from the entire Amazon.com catalog (which are commission-eligible, of course), then you’ll make commissions on any resulting sale. That’s exactly how the My Future Business™ affiliate program works too. Just one default affiliate link. Affiliate can redirect visitor to any landing page (see details below), and affiliate gets paid for any resulting sales.

Affiliate Link Redirection

Let’s say for example, that you were an Affiliate of Amazon.com. Now imagine if Amazon gave you just one, static affiliate link to promote ALL of their products across their ENTIRE web site. That is, one standard affiliate link to promote millions of products, and anyone who clicked on that standard link would always land at Amazon’s home page, no matter what – and that there was no way to direct affiliate traffic directly to any of the actual product pages.

Imagine if you saw a link on My Future Business™ that read “Click here to check out the amazing Bamboo Fun tablet” and the link, instead of taking you directly to the product page of the Bamboo fun, took you to Amazon’s home page? How incredibly annoying would that be for the visitor to always be taken to Amazon’s home page no matter what product someone were recommending? Think Amazon would be the e-commerce juggernaut it is today without that implementing that simple feature?

But Amazon lets you link directly to the product pages of the product you are referring to (or recommending, or promoting).


Check out the amazing Bamboo Fun tablet” (links directly to product page)

Check out my best-selling book ‘No Business Like E-Business’ on Amazon” (links directly to the book page)

We are amazed that so many affiliate programs do not offer this simple, basic feature. And that is the ability to set the affiliate cookie, and then redirect the referred visitor to any page on any web site the affiliate wants the visitor to land on. Powerful stuff!

So when you use the My Future Business™ affiliate program, you are not forced to send traffic to the My Future Business™  home page. You can redirect your visitor (who just clicked on your affiliate link) to any part of the My Future Business™ web site. In fact, you can redirect the visitor to any web page on any web site anywhere online! So they could be sending traffic to one of your free videos, one of your blog posts, or even to one of your articles published on someone else’s web site!

Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

My Future Business™ allows you to offer multiple tiers of commissions, not just one. This basically means that you could pay just one level (“tier”) of commissions (A gets paid when he refers B). In the near future we are considering paying out 2 “tiers” of commissions (User 1 gets paid when he refers User 2 AND User 1 also gets paid something when User 2 refers User 3).So we create an incredible revenue stream for you as a valued My Future Business™  affiliate, where you get paid on the sales generated by their 1st level referrals. Which means more incentive for them to join and promote your affiliate program!

We’ve really worked at creating an incredible affiliate program with strong revenue stream potential. And as a valued My Future Business™  affiliate, not only do you get paid for direct referrals, you can look forward to getting paid on the sales generated by your 1st level referrals. Which means more incentive for them to join and promote your affiliate program!

How Do I Get Paid?

Software on the My Future Business™ site enables us to automatically add you as an affiliate to the My Future Business™ affiliate program. The benefits of this are two-fold; firstly, with your help we are able to build upon our existing success to build an even better business; and secondly, you get paid a healthy 90% commission for any front-end program sold, and an amazing 50% commissions on back-end programs valued at $297 or more. But here’s the thing, most affiliate program owners don’t offer affiliates anything on the back-end….My Future Business™ does.

Making money as a My Future Business™ affiliate is really quite easy. Simply copy your special affiliate link and promote it on your blog, website, link it to banner ads, or send it to your email list. In fact, use whatever form of marketing media that you prefer.

We’ve set up commissions for each and every My Future Business™ product for you to promote and make money on. Inside your members area you will find everything you need including your affiliate link and affiliate statistics about your promotional activities.

To help clarify what your affiliate link looks like, the My Future Business™ website URL address is www.myfuturebusiness.com,  and let’s say your member’s user id is 123, then your default affiliate link is:


Affiliate Link With Custom Landing Page

Let’s assume your USER ID was id #123, and you wanted to link to a specific page on the My Future Business website – maybe because we’ve announced a new competition that you want to promote – which we often do. You can do that.

This is what your link would look like:


Which is the same as…


Both of them will set the affiliate cookie for your affiliate id #123, and then redirect visitors to the landing page URL competition, which is basically the same as https://myfuturebusiness.com/competition

How Our Affiliate Program Works

  1. My Future Business™ has already set up the commissions for each product inside our affiliates administration page.
  2. As the affiliate, you take your affiliate link [e.g. https://myfuturebusiness.com/a/?a=123] and promote it on your blog, web site, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Where ever.
  3. When your prospect/visitor clicks on your affiliate link and arrives at the My Future Business™ site, a ‘cookie’ gets set on the prospect’s computer with your affiliate id (123 in this example).
  4. The user then goes on to purchase a product from the My Future Business™ website.
  5. Immediately after purchase, they are redirected to the member’s area.
  6. At this time, as the affiliate, you are instantly given credit for the new member referral.
  7. After the 30 day funds hold period [as per our affiliate hold funds policy], your commissions will be transferred into your nominated account.

Lifetime Affiliates

As an affiliate, once you are “tied” to a new member’s account, that association is forever. And the member now permanently “belongs” to you. So any future purchases made by this same member (using the same account details) will always result in commissions being credited to the same original affiliate, regardless of which other affiliate’s id they click on before making a purchase. See example below.

  • Affiliate John refers customer Mary
  • Mary buys, John gets affiliate commission
  • A while (days, months or years) later, Mary clicks on a different affiliate link belonging to Paul
  • Mary buys another product from your web site using the same email id as before
  • John will still get the commission for the new product that Mary just bought, because John is the lifetime affiliate for Mary.
  • So no matter how many times Mary makes a purchase, regardless of which affiliate link she used (even her own), John will get the commission every time, for life!

The best part is that anyone can get involved; and although we’d love it if you did, you don’t have to purchase any products or services to become an affiliate.

The only thing you must do is get an understanding of the My Future Business™ business by downloading our “What We Do” Guide which is completely free. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to get your copy.

Once you download your copy of the My Future Business™ “What We Do” Guide, you will automatically be redirected to your newly created members page where your download and affiliate link will be waiting for you.

To get started, click on the blue button below and download your copy of “What We Do”.