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Andrea Rozman

Have you ever wanted more time to get mundane work done in your business?

Have you wondered who to contact to get this sort of work done at a good price?

Have you ever wondered if you could trust someone to do the job as good as you do?

If you said yes to any of these, then today’s My Future Business guest is sure to get your interest.

I’d like to welcome to the show, Andrea Rozman of Your Gal Friday. Thanks for coming on the show!

Personally, it’s always been hard for me to let go of work inside my business because I always believed no-one could ever do it as well as I could. Sound familiar?

During this call, Andrea reveals the reasons why you should consider off-loading many of your internal work tasks to a virtual assistant, and how it will save you time and money.

Although this might sound counter intuitive, it’s actually quite sensible when you stop to consider what your hourly rate is actually worth, and the lost opportunity cost of trying to do everything yourself. You won’t be able to scale up your business if you are doing everything, and it’s impossible to be effective on your own.

Andrea’s business, is open for business and looks forward to helping you get all of your work done for you.

Here are just a few services Andrea’s team offer…

Data entry

Internet Research

Customer Service

Customer Invoicing

Transcription Services

Meeting Minutes

Blogging Articles

Social Media Posting….and much more!

A big thank you to Andrea for making available a special offer link for My Future Business Show listeners below…

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