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Andrew Bowering Apollo Silver

Interview with Andrew Bowering Apollo Silver

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, co-founder and independent chair of the board at Apollo Silver, Andrew Bowering, to talk about his journey with Apollo, silver mining, characteristics that make silver so attractive, and importantly, how you can invest in Apollo Silver.

Apollo Silver Stock Symbol: [OTC: APGOF] – [TSXV: APGO]

Andrew is a venture capitalist and public markets expert with 30 years’ experience. He started out as the owner/operator of a drilling company, later becoming a stock broker and, within a few years, a public company executive and financier, and has since founded, funded and developed a wide range of businesses, with a particular focus on the natural resource sector.

Andrew has been responsible for the acquisition and sale of high-profile assets, and the raising of over $250M in development capital. Companies of note include Millennial Lithium, American Lithium and Prime Mining.

For context, during the call Andrew shares how Apollo Silver offers a unique diversification to anyone who wants to be involved in the silver sector in the safest and most stable jurisdictions, all without much competition. Andrew also shares how in the coming months; Apollo Silver will be engaged in three main de-risking and value-adding activities:

1. Drilling - projects the company owns are past-producing silver mines; meaning the silver is present and the value-add is in modernizing the drilling process, going deep and using state-of-the-art technologies.

2. Issuing a NI 43-101 report on the resources. This is going to bring its historical silver resources up to standard code and, basically, legitimize the over 100M ounces of silver the company owns.

3. Look into making additional acquisitions to further build its North-American project portfolio.

Due to the calibre of the board of directors and management, institutions are practically lined up to participate in financing Apollo Silver. Names like Sprott, Jupiter Investments UK, Crescat Capital (Quinton Hennigh), Desjardins Group (Quebec), billionaire investor Carlo Civelli, Terra Capital from Australia, Commodity Capital Luxembourg, and more.

This call not only reveals a lot about Apollo Silver, it also provides insight into what motivates Andrew to deliver returns for investors. Natural resources are Andrew’s passion, and on this call, Andrew opens up and shares some insights into Apollo Silver as an opportunity, but also, talks about what it takes to take an early-stage venture, and turn it into a profitable mining company.  

To learn more, or to contact Andrew and his team, click the link below.

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