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I Don’t Want To Bother You, But You’re House Is On Fire!

Are You An Annoying Pest Or Welcome Guest ?

Are You In A Category of One serving your marketplace?pest control

If not, part of becoming a category of one requires you to become a Welcome Guest.

The way to become a welcome guest is best explained by first asking two questions:

Question 1: How do you become a welcome guest instead of an unwanted pest?

Question 2: How do you attract qualified prospects instead of having to find them and then competing for their business?

Have you ever had that experience where a salesperson or someone like that was at your door and just wouldn’t give up?

Keeping that question in the front of your mind, I know of one story where a home owner would not open his front door to answer this guy who was knocking, knocking, knocking…this guy would not stop banging on the door!

As it turned out, this same person ended up jumping a fence and literally entered their home through the side door to tell the home owner that his car was on fire. At that point and needless to say, you can see how this same person went from being an annoying pain one second to a very welcome guest the next.

And this is because this person arrived at the right time [when this guy’s car was on fire], with the right message [“hey, your car’s on fire!”]. And from that point, there was only thing left to do…call the fire department. But alas, it was too late, as the story goes, his car was already a burnt-out wreck.

But the point to focus on here is not the wrecked car. It’s the message and the timing that the message was received. In marketing, your priority is to have the right message aimed at the right market at the right time.

Once you find the right message and test it, you have the foundation for a stream of new customers to your business.

So, what is your marketing message saying?

Are people drawn to it or repelled from it?

Do you aim your marketing message at the right audience?

Do you know who your audience is?

Is your marketing message awesome or just plain vanilla?

Do you know who NOT to share your marketing message with to save marketing dollars?

And finally, how do you deliver your marketing message?

Is your marketing message effective at having people approach you or do you find yourself working hard to find them?

In any event, my message today is simple…

To increase conversions in your business, design your message so it’s the right message. Do this at the start of your marketing process so it POSITIONS you as a welcome guest with a message that’s not only timely, it provides answers to problems your audience is looking for.

Did you get anything out of today’s post?

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