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Ascension Is Core To Your Success

If I were to ask you…funnel pic for my program

What Business Are You In?

What would you say?…

I’d say…You’re In The Business Of Marketing.

And with that in mind, it’s my view that marketing is, and always will be, the #1 essential element needed inside any business to achieve sustained financial success.

That being said, for you to make a specific amount of money each and every month, you must be working towards positioning your business so it automatically…

Increases The Average Lifetime Dollar Value Of Each Customer

How do you do this?

The short answer….by introducing Ascension and Continuity into your business.

For you to be able to do this effectively, you will need to design, test and implement an ascension model Sales Funnel. This model takes customers down a very specific path and is designed to offer more value at higher prices as they travel through your funnel.

Example ascension funnel…

  1. New lead arrives on your landing page [leads are people who are yet to buy from you] where they give you their email address in exchange for your free give away product…Dan Kennedy refers to this as a ‘lead magnet’
  2. As the prospect now has your free lead magnet, they move to the next phase of your funnel which is your low price product [usually around $7 to $27]…Ryan Diess refers to these as ‘tripwire’ products
  3. From there, you offer a core product [usually priced anywhere from $197 through to $1000]
  4. Finally, you offer your high value, high dollar ‘back end’ program[s] from $1997 up to $15,000.

As each customer moves through your funnel, they become more valuable to your business. That being the case, design your back end programs such that customers gain more access to you based on the amount they invest. Consider reserving direct contact with you for customers willing to pay for your highest level program. 

Here’s the same funnel example as above with some figures added to give you some idea of how much revenue a well-designed funnel of products and services can attract to your business…

funnel pic for my program with pricing

Considering what I’ve just suggested, and looking at the two options below…

What’s the easier way for you to make money?

  • Is it by selling 100 e-Books at $10 each to make $1000, or
  • Is it by selling one high ticket program for $1000? [this is my choice everyday of the week]

What would you do?…leave me your thoughts in the comments box below…

Ascenion and continuity is the bread and butter of all successful direct response marketers. And although not a new concept, it’s always surprising to hear members inside the My Future Business Better Business Builder Monthly program, who’ve never actually heard of it before. Needless to say, when they do hear about it, they become very excited when they start to see what it could do for their business.

And inside the My Future Business Fast Track Info-Product Creation program, I go deep into not only how to create your own info-products as part of an ascesion model, I also uncover every type of information product or service you can create as part of your own information marketing business. I uncover specific details about the value funnel shown above and show you how you can set it up in your business. On top of all that, I dive even deeper into continuity programs and how they can be used to transform your business with positive cash flow.

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Inside his book “80/20 Sales & Marketing”, Perry Marshall reports that 20 percent of your customers are going to give you 80 percent of your business. So with that in mind, it pays to know who those customers are and focus all of your efforts towards them to maximise your returns.

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80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

The rabbit hole goes even deeper….

Did you know that your top twenty percent of buyers are fractal. WHAT?

Basically all this means is that of the 20 percent of your hyper-responsive buyers, 20% of those buyers are super-hyper-responsive and will buy absolutely everything you have to offer. These super-hyper-responsive buyers will buy literally everything you have. So find out who they are, and sell them everything you’ve got! 

Super-Hyper-Responsive buyers want to buy from you…sell to them or leave money on the table for someone else!

So what’s the main takeaway from today’s post?

If you’re not doing so already, inside your chosen market or niche, start working towards positioning your business so that you can offer a full funnel of products starting from low price point through to high ticket items on the back end. Introduce cross-sells, upsells and back-end offers to your audience to maximize your returns.

What do you think about ascension models? Could they work in your business? leave me your comments below…

Talk with you again soon!

Rick Nuske

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