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My Future Business Show Interview With BEN DELL

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with founder of Missinglettr, Missinglettr PostBox, HelpShelp, HeySummit and others, Mr. Benjamin Dell talking about what it takes to start and run a business like Missinglettr Postbox.

I’ve been fortunate to have followed Ben’s work from the beginning, and I’ve purchased almost all of Ben’s products including those mentioned above. All of which I use as part of my day to day business.

On today’s call, Ben not only shares insights into how he got his start in business, which is not how you might think, he also gives us a glimpse into how he develops new products and then releases them to the marketplace.

During the call, Ben and I talk about his latest product called Missinglettr PostBox, which although has a similar name to his original Missinglettr product released a few years ago, is a completely different product with different functionality. In essence, Missinglettr PostBox is a new way for you to connect with a community of likeminded people who find your content through MissingLettr PostBox, and share it with their audience.

Instead of trying to explain in detail how this works in writing, I have added Ben’s recent Appsumo Webinar video below where he explains in detail how the platform works.

The thing that I took away from the call, was how Ben doesn’t like to get his audience involved until the product is at a minimum viable product stage, at which point, he then he actively seeks out their feedback on how they actually use the product he has created such that he can make it even better for the end user.

There is lots to unpack on this call, and it’s a great start for anyone who not only wants to know how Ben works, but also what it takes to make software that makes a difference to people’s businesses.

To learn more about Missinglettr PostBox, or to contact Ben directly, click the link below.

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