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Better Open Rates And More Sales

How Do You Make The Most Money For Each Dollar You Spend?segmentation

Answer: Segment Your List

My goal here today is to help you maximize your marketing budget by understanding how to use email segmentation in your business.

By using email segmentation in your business, you can:

1. Test your copy and refine it for best results.

2. Systematically uncover strategies and tactics that work best.

3. Talk to various segments of your list differently based on their specific needs, wants and desires.

The key here is to be segmenting your list right from the start. From the moment someone finds your landing page, your segmentation process begins.

In segmenting prospects and customers as early as possible in your relationship with them, you position your business for maximum returns for each marketing dollar you spend.

Effective segmentation simply means having specific marketing messages that groups people on your email list by their specific interests. 

Segmentation is by far the best way for you to create laser targeted messages to each reader and ensures that you deliver the right message to the right reader each and every time.

The importance of segmentation becomes obvious when we start to consider that by segmenting, the probability of increasing the number of sales automatically increases.

What’s the takeaway?

If you want more sales, start segmenting your list!

All that being said, it’s important to understand that there’s much more to list management than simply having two tribes of people on your list. e.g.:

Tribe A: prospects – those who have yet to purchase anything from you.

Tribe B: customers – those who have purchased from you.

By having a ‘two-tribes’ mentality, you severely limit your ability to uncover the real needs of the different people on your list. This singular mindset restricts your ability to gather targeting data necessary to offer the right solution to the right people on your list.

Some examples of how you can segment your list include by:

1. Demographic information

2. Interests

3. Purchase frequency and so on…

Another key here is to use surveys for people who have purchased from you to help reveal other needs and interests. By doing this you’ll be able to identify new opportunities to provide solutions that would have otherwise been overlooked had it not been for the customer feedback you received.

From that point, you’re able to further segment your customers by their identified interests and needs, and create very specific marketing messages that you know will get a positive response.

The whole point of segmentation is to increase conversion rates. And by using segmentation in your business, you will also see a reduction in complaints, unsubscribe rates, along with higher open rates, improved email deliverability, and yes, more sales.

Are you segmenting your email list?

Rick Nuske

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