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Interview with CEO Boosh Foods Jim Pakulis

Jim Pakulis Connie Marples Boosh Foods

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming back CEO of Boosh Foods Jim Pakulis to talk about the exciting plant-based industry, how to live a healthier lifestyle with Boosh Foods, and the steps you can to become a part of the Boosh community as a consumer or investor.

Putting aside Jim’s extensive background with publicly listed companies, he also loves spending time with family and friends relaxing and recharging his batteries. That said, Jim is 100% focused on the job at hand with his role as CEO of Boosh Foods, and on the call, he shares some of the short, medium and long-range goals of the organization.

A lot can happen, and has, in a quarter, and after a year as a publicly traded company, Jim has a lot to talk about on the show. This includes several exciting new developments with Boosh’s new home delivery service and the introduction of new Boosh products, along with many other interesting developments.

Jim’s a wonderful individual who knows how to build successful businesses, and with Connie Marples and Jim at the helm, the future for Boosh Foods is a bright one! So, if you’re ready to learn more about Boosh Foods, either as a consumer or an investor, then make sure to reach out to Jim and the team at Boosh Foods.

To learn more about Boosh Foods, or to contact Jim directly, click the link below.

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