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category of oneDear business owner, have you jumped in without first thinking…

Am I doing exactly the same thing as everyone else?

Maybe you’re a copy cat hoping to stand out from the crowd?

Unfortunately, this may be the best way to commodotize your way out of business!

Don’t position your business as just another supplier of product / service XYZ.

Instead, focus on how you can be in a league of your own by creating a new category, a category of one.

This transformation may be as simple as a title change. As an example…

You could change your title from Marketing Manager to Marketing Systems Strategist.

As there’s far more Marketing Manager’s than Marketing Systems Strategist, you’ve just created your own unique category that sets you apart.

As far as this example goes, by making this small change, you’ve effectively dissolved any direct competition you may have been competing against as a Marketing Manager simply because you’re not a Marketing Manager, you’re a Marketing Systems Strategist.

This is where your category of one and your USP overlap. Basically, your unique selling proposition is your way of describing where you stand compared directly to your competition. And an example of an effective USP is the classic Domino’s Pizza who used to state their USP this way:

“Fresh, Hot Pizza, Delivered To You In 30 Minutes or Less, or It’s Free!”

This statement can also be seen as Domino’s promise to you. Should they break their positioning promise, you get a free pizza.

With that example in mind, your USP is an important opportunity for you to summarize and promote the primary benefits of the products and or services you provide.

You can look at dozens of leading organizations and you will start to see their USP plain as day. They may focus their USP around their core products and services, a theme they use, pricing, celebrity, location, trading hours and on and on it goes.

When you’re in the process of setting up your USP, look around and learn from leading organizations. Look for clues and ways you can ADAPT their ideas for your own USP.

As you look around, take notice of if the business has a USP, do they communicate it in a way that is clear and understandable?

If you find a business that doesn’t seem to have their own USP, try and create one for them based around what you know of their business.

During the process, write down the USP’s you’ve identified so you can go back to them as a sort of library of examples for your future use.

There’s literally hundreds of businesses with their own USP. A good place to start might include a Google search or Yellow pages listing either on-line or by flicking through a hard-bound Yellow pages directory.

When you’re researching USP’s online, look at similar businesses to your own for their USP’s. This is a great source of inspiration should you come up with a blank white page when attempting to create your own.

Your goal here is to position your business such that when people talk about it, the first thing you’re known for is standing out from your competitors for a very specific reason.

You’re not just another commodity competing on price.

Your business is unique…and because it’s unique, you’ll be the first person they think of when they need your product or service.

So how is your business unique?

As always, I look forward to receiving your feedback below.

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