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Harnessing Energy To Live Your Best Life Catherine Gagnon

Interview with Health and Life Coach Catherine Gagnon

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming health and life coach, energy and sensitivity mentor, Lyme disease expert, and primary health care nurse, Catherine Gagnon to talk about the energy equation, ways to invest your energy for the best results, and how to identify and plug common energy leaks so we can live our best lives.

Catherine is an intuitive Mind-Body Emotional Alchemy Practitioner and Master NLP Transformational Health Coach who works with people who are tired of being tired and worried. She can hear, see and feel the emotional and physical "energy leaks" in people and help them "plug" these leaks. As a result, Catherine’s clients regain sustained physical/emotional energy, recover faster from illnesses, attain mental clarity, self-confidence, feel more at peace with themselves and happier in their relationships.

Catherine is a hang glider pilot, certified as an applied neurosciences practitioner and holds a nurse practitioner diploma. She's currently pursuing a doctorate in Natural Medicine and studying the Ancient Wisdom of Siddha Veda that stems from Ayurvedic medicine. As a chronic Lyme disease survivor who healed in record time, she also developed a unique expertise to help Lyme disease sufferers regain their health and life without losing their time or money.

During this wonderful call, Catherine shares the energy equation that she’s created which looks at how to generate energy in the mind and body, ways to invest your energy strategically for a greater ROI on energy (just like money), and the common energy leaks and how you can begin "plugging" the energy leaks in the mind and body that are ruining our quality of life.

Later in the call, Catherine reveals how our emotions affect different organs in the body, and how using emotional alchemy can lift the weight of heavy emotions in order to feel more joy & peace with increased self-esteem & self-confidence. We also touch on why self-limiting beliefs tends to recreate the patterns that no longer serve us and how to transcend them.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Catherine directly, click the link below.

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