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My Future Business Interview with CATHY FYOCK

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with author and Business Book Strategist CATHY FYOCK.

As a business book strategist, Cathy works with hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders who want to write a book as part of their business growth strategy.

Leading up to where she is today, Cathy previously served on faculty for the Society for Human Resource Management for their national seminar programs, and has provided keynotes and workshops for hundreds of clients.  

Additionally, Cathy has received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association and currently serves as President of her NSA KY chapter.

So, right now, the burning question is - how do entrepreneurs’ step into thought leadership?

Cathy’s Answer: By writing a book!

With that in mind, since starting her coaching business in 2014, Cathy has gone on to successfully help more than 150 entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders become published authors.

As a prolific writer herself, Cathy has so far written nine books of her own; including her most recent “The Speaker Author” which she co-authored with speaker and author, Lois Creamer.

The key takeaway for me was how Cathy helps budding authors to use their book specifically as a business building tool. This is a fresh take on what it means to write a book, and reveals a new truth behind what a book should do for entrepreneurs as they work towards building their brand.

Cathy believes that we all have a purpose, and that our stories are the way in which we share our truth with others; and she knows that by becoming an author, you can and do change the world, one word at a time.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or thought leader, and you want to write your own book but find yourself losing momentum, then be sure to reach out to Cathy to get that book written, published and in front of your best audience.

To learn more about how to write a book as part of your business strategy, or to contact Cathy directly, click on the link below.

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Thanks again Cathy, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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