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Hi, and welcome to The My Future Business Show!

Today, I have a treat in store for those looking to become a self-published author.

With that in mind, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce both CB & Dan Hoffmann to the show.

Now, this incredible DIY publishing team is built on a shared passion to share their self-publishing skills with others. Part of this takes into account the steps you need to consider as you prepare to write your first book.

As explained during the call, there are many things to consider when preparing to become a self-published author; and on the call, we deep dive into many of the steps you need to take.

Another trait that will serve you well as you put pen to paper, is having an incredible vision for what you want your books to share, a vivid imagination to expand and inspire the mind, and a solid storyline around which to base your readers experience.

Now, having looked at their current suite of books, I can tell you they’re a must-read. Everything from inspirational Christian suspense thrillers, mysteries and young adult comedy-drama.

I had a wonderful time on the call with CB & Dan Hoffmann, and I know you will take away some great insights. So, be sure to stick around for the entire call, and take the next step in your self-publishing journey.

For more information about their self-published books, or to learn more about CB & Dan, click the following link...

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CB and Dan, thanks again for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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