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Cheap Pricks Matt Bowler

Interview with Cheap Pricks Co-Founder Matt Bowler

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, co-founder of Cheap Pricks Matt Bowler to talk about what he and his business partner, Kristen Duhr, are doing to change the way you vet your pet and maintain their health and wellbeing without breaking the bank.

Prior to co-founding Cheap Pricks, Matt worked in IT as a Linux system administrator, and later on as a consultant to global clients in both the private and public sector. In 2011, Matt and Kristen co-founded Kingdom Canine, and now, they both work full-time on their pet business Cheap Pricks.

During this content-rich call, Matt and Kristen share their journey with Cheap Pricks, and along the way, reveal the genesis story behind how Cheap Pricks came about, and how both your pet, and your back pocket can benefit.

Their motto is: “The Kind of Prick That Keeps Your Pet from Getting Sick” and they go onto say, that it’s not what you think. In fact, they provide pet care that’s fast, easy and affordable. Importantly, they note that although your pet’s health is super-serious, the process doesn’t have to be.

So, if you’re looking for affordable, basic wellness care for your pets, then the process is simple. You choose your care plan, either a single vaccination or full care service, then you pick your date and time, and finally, bring in your beloved pet, and let Cheap Pricks to take care of the rest.

To learn more about Cheap Pricks, or to contact Matt or Kristen directly, click the link below.

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