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Interview with Chris Bursey Direct Communication Solutions

Interview with Chris Bursey

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, founder and CEO at publicly traded company Direct Communication Solutions Mr. Chris Bursey talking his entrepreneurial journey, the internet of things [IOT], sensors and the bright future of Direct Communication Solutions.

Chris grew his passion for wireless communications while serving as an air traffic controller in the US Navy onboard the USS Midway and USS Kitty Hawk. After proudly serving his country, he took his experience and began to carve out a future in cellular communications with sales, business development and channel development roles at Novatel Wireless, Motorola (now Telit), Wavecom and CalAmp Wireless Networks. Prior to DCS, Chris was instrumental in developing NexAria’s wireless strategy positioning NexAira as the premier device manufacturer for rural cellular networks and Mobile Virtual Network Operators in North America.

Chris is dedicated to removing the complexities from IoT solutions, building a company whose focus is on deploying end-to-end solutions, while reducing the number of companies it takes to create them. His intuition and industry experience have evolved DCS from a cellular modem distribution company into a solutions integrator which cellular networks lean on for its business solutions.

With the number of IOT devices forecast to almost triple by 2030, the global market for IOT end-user solutions is expected to grow to match this explosive growth in IOT use. DCS [ticker: DCSX] is well-positioned to take advantage of the IOT movement, and is focused on providing better, more efficient and reliable ways for businesses to collect and assess business-critical data from all types of assets and devices using their hardware, software and cloud services.

During this content-rich call, Chris shares how DCS have begun to develop advanced software applications and databases that can analyse and manage the data that IoT hardware has traditionally just collected, and provides insights into how DCS solutions enable businesses to receive real-time data in order to make better decisions about their business. With DCS’ cloud and/or via a SaaS/MaaS business model, business and technology can finally work together.

If you’re ready to connect anything, anywhere, and you want to learn more about Direct Communication Solutions, then click the link below.

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