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Dr. Christine Sauer Power Up Your Brain

Interview with Christine Sauer Power Up Your Brain

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, Christine Sauer

 to talk about how business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals (in fact, all of us) can feel better, get healthier and work smarter by optimizing our brains in 5 dimensions and by utilizing neuroscience tools and techniques.

Dr. Christine is a retired German-trained and board-certified physician and naturopath, currently working as a Brain and Mental Health Professional, Coach, Educator and Consultant; and during the call, Dr. Sauer shares how she helps people suffering from seemingly endless and permanent mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and others, to find alternatives and show them the way out of the trap of being a victim to dis-ease and to truly start "Living Your Best Life". Her story of overcoming serious mental illness is geared towards providing hope and inspiration to others who are still suffering.

After major struggles with her own physical and mental health (including stays in a mental hospital) over 20 years ago, Dr. Sauer made the decision for change. She applied all she knew to herself and became healthy again. She then furthered her education in nutrition, gastrointestinal health, orthomolecular medicine (supplements), neuroscience, coaching arts and more and became, among others, a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional and Licensed Brain Trainer as well as a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner as well as a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist.

Dr. Sauer is the founder of DocChristine Coaching and “The Brain and Success System” – Strategies for a Better Brain, a Better Life and a Better Business. Author of: "Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy" "The F-Word Diet" Bestselling Co-Author of: "Raising the Bar" "BLU Talks Vol. 04" (Business, Life, Universe) “Invisible No More – Invincible Forevermore”.

This call reveals so much about ourselves, including why it’s so important not to just dream, but to act on your dreams and to do it consistently and with a good strategy. If you want to know why you need your best brain to have your best life, then this call is for you.

To learn more about Dr. Sauer’s work, or to contact her directly, click the link below.

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