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Clete Bulach

The first words I ever read from Clete Bulach were “Building a better business often depends on a person’s human relations”.

This opening in his email caught my attention and I subsequently invited Clete to an interview on the My Future Business Show.

Clete is the author of two books [links below] that detail how to create a high performing school with a positive school culture and climate.

Clete identifies through his experience and academic background as a University Superintendent, how poor human relations are often the cause for dysfunctional schools, groups, and organizations and how these factors affect every part of life, including how you operate your business.

During the interview, Clete and I discuss in-depth, human relations, whether in a love relationship, business relationship, parental relationship or a friend relationship, how four factors come into play:

1) levels of openness and trust;

2) how the nine forms of power are used to control others;

3) the five interpersonal communications that are used in relating to others; and

4) how is conflict dealt with in the relationship.

This call is a must for you if you are looking to improve relationships be they with your children, your spouse, your colleagues or your co-workers.

You can contact Clete for his free trust and openness survey at the link below.

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To buy Clete’s books, click on the following links.

Book 2 –

Clete, thank you for spending some time with me on the show, I wish you all the best!

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