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Interview With Peter Warmka

Confessions of a CIA Spy - The Art of Human Hacking

Interview with Peter Warmka

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s call, I have the pleasure of spending time with AUTHOR and founder and CEO at Counter Intelligence Institute Peter Warmka talking about his new book “Confessions of a CIA Spy, The Art of Human Hacking”.

For context, Peter is a former Senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA who would successfully breach the security of target organizations overseas as part of his role.

During this content-rich call, Peter shares how his book came about, and shares some real-life experiences that you will find both insightful and eye-opening. A call not to miss if you own a business.

When you read Confessions of a CIA Spy, you will see how easy it is for individuals and organizations become targets, how information is collected on them through social media and other resources, and some of the elicitation techniques used against them for additional information collection.

Peter also shares examples of how information that is gathered is then utilized to design the actual social engineering approach to breach security via e-mail (spear phishing), SMS (smishing), telephonic (Vishing using spoof calling), face-to-face interaction and so much more.

With this book, you will get a clearer understanding of the ever-present threats, and how Peter’s organization Counter Intelligence Institute, can help you defend yourself against attempted security breaches that can result in theft of proprietary information and personal data.

To get your cop of Confessions of a CIA Spy, click on the link below…

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