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Corey Hilton Take It Off

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming amazon best-selling author and certified authenticity coach Corey Hilton to talk about his book ‘Take It Off’ and how he uses his own experiences to help men over 30 overcome lack, unworthiness and emotional disconnection.

During this content-rich call, Cory shares his life’s journey and reveals many of the experiences found inside his biography which are based on his 25-year career in the male exotic dance industry, and how aligning with his authenticity motivated him to be better personally and professionally.

Corey’s book ‘Take It Off’ is a unique and colourful biography of Corey’s 25-year journey in the male exotic dance industry which brought him to the top of his industry in Canada and merges into his transition to a new world of dancing in the US. In the book, Corey reveals unknown truths about what it took to be an entertainer in Canada and the reality under the spotlight in the Southern US at one of the largest nightclubs in North America.

Corey’s story is very unique, and now that he is a certified authenticity coach, he not only helps other men overcome their challenges, he also helps writers to write in the based on the original structure of his one on one and video training. Corey gets his students to cross reference the chapters in his book with the training provided to reflect on their own lives confidentially.

Corey’s goal is to help others with the same struggles he had with unworthiness, lack and emotional disconnection while focusing on being the best version of themselves through the willingness to align with their authenticity.

To learn more about Take It Off, or to contact Corey directly, click the link below.

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