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Hi, it’s Rick Nuske, and welcome to The My Future Business Show!

Today’s call focuses on Commercial Leasing – and if there’s one thing for sure and certain about commercial leasing, organising a commercial lease for your business, is complicated.

Commercial leasing is a specialised area, requiring a great deal of up-to-date knowledge and experience. However, so many business owners still try to do it on their own!

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce my special guest, CRAIG MELBY, to the show!…

With more than 35 years experience in the field, and with a global reach, Craig’s business, LeaseSmart.Com are there to make the whole commercial lease negotiation process easy.

Craig has been negotiating commercial real estate leases and purchases since 1980. He founded LeaseSmart after hearing from too many business owners who contacted him AFTER they negotiated their deal-terms, and then asked him to look over the lease before signing it. Anyways, things should have been done much better. So finally, after experiencing the same situation again and again, Craig formed Lease Smart to assist those business people in need.

Amongst many things discussed during the call, Craig and I touch on the critical importance of having a conversation with the right people, at the right time i.e. before negotiating a commercial lease. So, if you’re looking to secure a commercial lease for your business, make sure to touch base with Craig.

To educate yourself about commercial leasing, touch base with Craig 800-640-9141 [or] online at:


Craig, it was a pleasure having you on The My Future Business Show!

Thanks for joining us on the show today, and if you liked this call, or maybe have ideas on how we can improve, then feel free to leave your comment in the comment box below – and if you did enjoy the call, support the show by clicking on our big red YouTube subscribe button below, and share us with your friends.

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