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Wesana Health Daniel Carcillo

Pioneering Innovative Medicine To Improve Lives Daniel Carcillo

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On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming two-time winner of the coveted NHL Stanley Cup, founder and CEO at Wesana Health Daniel Carcillo to talk about data-driven life science and the journey as pioneers in drug development and therapies for mental health care.

Daniel has won two NHL Stanley Cups, which at the time, were everything to Daniel. All of this came at a price of multiple concussions, which lead Daniel to an early retirement from the sport and crippling symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Through the work he and his team are undertaking at Wesana Health, people are being empowered to heal their unique mental health challenges.

Wesana Health is a data-driven life science company pioneering drug development and clinical therapies for mental health care, composed of leaders from the scientific, research, medical and operations industries driven by a shared goal to improve the lives of millions by providing access to Mental Health care.

Wesana Health believes that everyone should have access to quality, research-backed, affordable mental health care, and is forging the path to treating traumatic brain injury related major depressive disorder, anxiety and migraines through drug development and predictive diagnostics.

To learn more about the topics discussed, or to contact Daniel directly, click the link below.

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