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David Williams Auto Appraisal Network

Interview with David Williams Auto Appraisal Network

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, owner and founder of Auto Appraisal Network, David Williams talking about his business auto appraisal network. We take a deep dive into the important role of the auto appraiser, what makes an auto appraiser successful and the different ways to determine replacement value.

David is the Owner and Founder of Auto Appraisal Network, Inc. and oversees daily operations of the national network of appraisal services including local appraisals, expert witness court appearances and ongoing business development.

David has more than thirty years of prior hands-on experience working for corporations and universities including research and development, engineering, manufacturing and worldwide operations. David started his appraisal career as a local independent appraiser while working in the corporate world until the demand for appraisal services exceeded his available free time.

Auto Appraisal Network provides clients with specialty Insurance appraisals for custom, restored, rare and exotic vehicles and for late model vehicles we help our clients with prior to loss insurance claims and loss of value due to repaired accident damage. Their brand is recognized by major financial institutions, insurance companies and collectors from all over the world. Auto Appraisal network are frequently featured in automotive articles and perform appraisals exclusively for benchmark collectors, museums and celebrities.

On this content rich call, David shares his journey in the appraisals industry, and reveals insights into what makes an appraiser successful, the challenges of a diminished value claim, and the different ways to determine replacement values of a wide range of vehicles, some of which you would not expect.

Special thanks go to SEO Samba, who host and manage all of the Auto Appraisal Network websites, and provide ongoing technical support across the Auto Appraisal Network.

To learn more about auto appraisals, or to contact David directly, click the link below.

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