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How To Make Your Own Course

My interview on how to get the most out of your life and business with Dr. LindaJoy Rose, was a pleasure & very thought provoking.

‘Lj’ as she is affectionately known, has an incredibly wide array of skills that will assist you in your pursuit of wellness, health, motivation and more!

There is so much to learn from exceptionally skilled, educated and experienced practitioners, and I think you’ll get a great deal of value from this call.

Lj has an incredible story that we begin to explore during the call. And I believe this is the most impressive part about the My Future Business Show, we peel back one layer to reveal the stories behind the people, behind their businesses – so thank you for sharing, Lj!

I make it a point to invite guests who can change the way you see yourself and your business; guests that increase your self awareness, guests that help you stop and think about your environment and hopefully, inspire you to make changes that will help you live a healthier, happier and prosperous life.

Lj and I also talked about what it takes to create your own information programs which can help you turn your ideas into a saleable product. I was excited to hear that she had created, with the help of some very skilled people, a program of her own called “Design My Course” – to learn more about it, click the image below or on this link: DESIGN MY COURSE.

Check out Lj’s work: Natural Wellness & Natural Wellness Academy – Lj on Huffington Post – Lj’s LinkedIn article on speakers and online courses.

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