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My Future Business Show Interview With Edmund McCormack

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with tech industry veteran, blockchain investor, and founder of the online crypto education portal ‘Dchained’ Mr. Edmund McCormack.

As an entrepreneur and global executive leader, Edmund has extensive experience with providing management oversight and strategic direction to businesses, and specializes in helping businesses develop and execute strategic goals within the technology and digital marketing sector.

Recently Edmund launched an online portal called Dchained which is focused on educating individuals who want to learn about and/or invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The challenge is that cryptocurrency has long been considered unapproachable and complex for many investors, often written with highly technical language that makes it both difficult to understand and intimidating to start investing in. This problem was the catalyst that drove Edmund to create Dchained so he could deliver all information in easy-to-understand guides, up-to-date news on latest developments, and analysis that members can feel comfortable with.

With years of experience in financial services and business development, Edmund offers customized services for crypto investors to stay up-to-date and capitalize on available investment opportunities. Edmund’s vision for DChained is to provide real-time information to prospective investors to help them save time and money, and invest confidently.

To learn more about Dchained, or contact Edmund directly, click the link below.

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