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My Future Business Interview with EILEEN HEAD

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with best-selling author, speaker and relationship coach EILEEN HEAD.

Eileen has been referred to as the ‘Relationship Whisperer’ and her focus is on helping couples reconnect so they can experience deeply meaningful relationships.

There are times where we can all feel a little trapped in our relationship, and we oftentimes we feel there’s no way out; when in fact, there are many ways to change our situation for the better.

Using her own experience as an example, Eileen knew that she was in an unhappy and disconnected marriage, which lasted more than 35 years. And when it finally came to an end, she asked herself, why?

Why, even when we love someone, that we struggle to connect with that person? and why do we attract the people that we do in our lives? These are questions Eileen set out to answer.

In reflecting on the many years spent trying to make it work, Eileen discovered the enneagram of personality, which is a model of the human psyche relating to the nine interconnected personality types.

During the call, Eileen elaborates on the enneagram of personality, and how she found out more about her former partner in 5 minutes after reading his personality type, than in all the years trying to figure out the reasons for their marital disharmony.

In understanding the enneagram of personality, you realize that successful relationships are all about understanding the differences in personality between partners. This foundational knowledge has helped Eileen guide countless couples towards long lasting, loving and rewarding relationships.

To learn more about the enneagram of personality, or to talk with Eileen directly about how she can help your relationship, click the link below.

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Thanks again Eileen, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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