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Interview with Elizabeth Power Healer Reducing Crisis

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, author of “Healer: Reducing Crisis” Elizabeth Power.

Elizabeth is an international best-selling author, speaker, facilitator and coach. She holds a Masters of Education, and has been featured on several major media platforms including the likes of NBC News, NPR, WSJ, Montel, Marketplace Morning Report, just to name a few.

Elizabeth helps people with change, resilience, self-care and alignment, and everything is done from the trauma-informed perspective; even courses directly about working with trauma are about change.

Elizabeth’s book, “Healer: Reducing Crisis” helps readers navigate chaos and manage trauma by teaching skills to increase Emotional Intelligence and manage overwhelming experiences. Covering emotional regulation, inner connections, strengths, and self-possession, the book grounds readers in the knowledge and skills needed to improve wellness at home and in the workplace. Grounded in positive psychology, talent development, and trauma psychology, there's a focus on adaptation and coping to strengthen the self.

During this content-rich call, Elizabeth shares her background, and we discuss why overwhelming experiences are so critical to be aware of in your life and business, and how those overwhelming experiences - yours, the company's, and the employees' - impact your bottom line, and what you can do to reduce the impact of these crises.

To learn more about Healer: Reducing Crisis, or to contact Elizabeth directly, click the link below.

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