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Emma Monro Social VA

During the call with Emma Monro, I learnt a lot about how her business “Social VA’ can help you manage your online reputation and attract fresh highly targeted prospects at the same time.

The way this interview came about was interesting in that I was asked to be on a Skype call with my business partner to learn more about what Emma had to offer. As is often the case, this was incredibly fortunate for our audience given our focus on delivering solutions that not only add value, but actually get you results.

Social VA is a specialist team who helps you manage your online reputation, and leverage the power of Facebook using what is called custom audiences to attract new prospects to your business. Social VA works for businesses who do not even have an online presence, for example a fish and chip shop. Now even though a fish and chip shop doesn’t necessarily have an online presence, their customers probably do. And this is an important part of how Social VA helps you manage your online reputation and grow your business.

Let’s just say that you’re the owner of that fish and chip shop, and you do your best to create an incredible experience for your customers. Your food is exceptional, you have a place where people can stick around and enjoy their food, and you have an ideal location. Let’s just suppose that despite your best efforts to maintain your high quality standards, one of your customers, for whatever reason, is not happy with their experience. What then?

Well, given what we know, it’s far more likely that someone who is emotionally moved by a bad experience, in this case, let’s assume your chips were soggy – will go online and leave a bad review. They go online and vent their frustration. They might mention that the food you serve is normally really great, but today your chips were soggy and cold. As the owner of the fish and chip shop business,who doesn’t have a website, or an online presence, how do you know this is happening, and what do you do about it even if you did?

This is where Social VA steps in and manages your online reputation before any long lasting damage is done to your business – which is only one half of the story – how the other half of the process unfolds is explained in detail in this short 20 minute call.

Social VA uses a proprietary system designed to help you manage your online reputation, and leverage the power of the negative and positive feedback provided by your customers. And regardless of whether or not you’re online or not, and regardless of which industry you’re in – Social VA can help.

In this short but enlightening call with Emma, we chat about her business, a little bit about her life, her business philosophy and we find out how systems help her business deliver consistent results for her clients.

I have a great deal of positive things to say about Emma; she’s smart, switched on, gives 100% to get you results, and by all accounts, is making a huge different to an untold number of businesses worldwide. Is your business next?

Just to give you some perspective on Emma’s abilities, during the call Emma revealed that she is only the 168th person to be trained and recently certified directly by Facebook. Now this is incredibly powerful because she knows more about exactly what’s happening inside the content/media giant than most people – she’s the real deal!

I believe having Emma and her team at Social VA manage your online reputation and attract new customers, is going to become increasingly important for your business – Facebook, and it’s sister, Instagram, are not going away anytime soon!

Before the call, Emma and I were able to set up an offer EXCLUSIVE to the My Future Business audience that will help you get started with Social VA.

IMPORTANT: To unlock this very special offer, you simply go ahead and provide your details in the form below – and once I’ve received your details, I will make initial contact with you to arrange a time for you to talk with Emma at Social VA directly.

So what’s the special exclusive offer?

The exclusive special offer that I want to make today means that by becoming a Social VA client for a minimum of three months, you will be given a $200 Facebook Ad Credit to spend on your ad campaigns – money for nothing! And here’s the kicker – the same offer direct from Social VA is valued at $100 – so it makes good sense to set up your Social VA via My Future Business to double the value of your Facebook Ad Credit!

As a SPECIAL BONUS for joining us inside Social VA, I will be gifting you three months free access to the My Future Business Community where you get to access all of our existing business building content. As part of this special bonus, you also get direct access to me to get answers to your biggest business building questions.

If you have any questions about Social VA that you need to talk with me about before doing anything else, you can contact me via our customer support system here:

I’m excited to introduce you to Social VA and look forward to helping you build a better, more profitable business that lasts!

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