EMS - Day 2...Training Leads To Do What You Want Them To Do...

I mentioned yesterday that to be successful with email marketing, part of the process is to make it very clear what your expectations are and the processes you use in your business.

When you get a new lead onto your list, TREAT THEM LIKE GOLD as they can mean a great deal of revenue if you treat them right. On the other hand, treat them badly, and they will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

They’ve probably signed up through your lead magnet, and now the work begins – not later, right now when they’re a hot lead.

A new lead is a HUGE deal for you and you should stop and think about that in terms of how much money that simple looking email could mean for your business. If this is not something you’ve stopped to consider, now’s the time!

Rick Nuske
My Future Business

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