EMS - Day 4...Upgrading Your Customers To Higher Priced Products...

This phase is the biggest opportunity for you to capitalise. Done well, you will make a great deal of money with this strategy. Done poorly, well, you know that you’ve left a truck load of money on the table for someone else!

I don’t know if you know this already, but for every customer you acquire, there will be a percentage of those same customers who will want to buy everything you have to offer. Everything, all at once!

With that in mind, in another program that I have to offer you, I teach you how to create your own high ticket items that people will buy from you all day long. Contact me if you would like more information about that program.

So, in this phase, you have the opportunity to send your leads through what is known as an ascension email series straight after they buy your front end offer.
Let me explain briefly how this works…

Let’s use you as an example. In the first instance, you found my site, you then saw my opt in box. From there, you decided that you liked what was on offer, so you entered your email address.

From there, you received an email from me containing the phases we spoke about earlier. You decide to buy from me. At that very moment, my system kicks in and sends you another offer of greater value. This process is a must have and will boost your revenue sky high!

So the message here is clear – make sure that you have an upgrade offer in your email system.

Here’s an example of what you might send to your new customer…

“Hi again, and welcome back… I want to say thanks for being a valued customer! I also wanted to let you know that there’s more for you. I’m giving you a 25% discount of anything you purchase right now. No hassles, no tricks, just massive savings and value. Click the link below to take advantage of this offer now. Rick Nuske – My Future Business”

An important point to remember, that I want to highlight again, is the desire of a percentage of your paying customers to buy everything you have to offer right now. So be absolutely clear about this and have higher ticket items ready in your system. Sell to them while you have their attention and they have their credit card in hand!

Don’t be concerned should your customer reject your upgrade offer. It happens. What you need to do is ask yourself WHY they didn’t upgrade.

Here’s a pro-tip: ask them why they didn’t buy your upgrade. Doing this provides you with information about the weak areas of your copy and the offer that you can improve and test.

Look out for tomorrow’s video because I’m going to show you what you need to do to get your prospects to raise their hand and show interest in what you have to offer…

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