EMS - Day 6...How To Re-Engage With Your Email List...

Question: what do you do when your leads and existing customers stop engaging with you i.e stop clicking your links and responding to your offers?

Answer: set up a re-engagement sequence to reignite their interest in you and what you have to offer.

Sounds intimidating, but with any email sequence, it is not hard, it just takes a little thought and some time.

As is the case with all phases discussed throughout the program, not having this phase in place means that you again leave serious amounts on the table for someone else to scoop up. Make sure to have a re-engagement sequence!

It is a fact that even though someone on your list has not purchased from you for a while i.e. they’ve gone ‘cold’, with a little effort on your behalf, they will more often than not, become interested again provided you have something that sparks their interest in you and what you have to offer.

As I mentioned in an earlier pro-tip, be sure to delete dis-engaged emails from your autoresponder system as you are not only paying for them, having them on your list will negatively affect your deliverability rates. So having a re-engagement sequence you will also avoid ending up in the scrap heap called the spam box!

I like and use an email that looks like this to drive a level of fear into those on my list who are dis-engaged…

“Hey, I’m sorry, but this is likely to be the last My Future Business email you receive. I’ve noticed that you haven’t been reading our emails, and so to keep your inbox free from clutter, we’re going to unsubscribe you from our list. Sorry to see you go! Rick.”

That is a very powerful email and I have seen a great deal of re-engagement immediately after sending this email. I’ve had people actually message me asking me not to unsubscribe them. That’s the sort of positioning power you want to have with your email marketing.

You could consider introducing a free trial for this same purpose. But this will up to you as you will need to consider if free trials fit in with your overall strategy and business goals.

Hey, that’s the end of this mini email marketing program – did you get much out of it? Leave me a comment below – I’d love your feedback.

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