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Eric Reid

Hi, and welcome to The My Future Business Show!

Today, I have a treat in store for those looking to become more successful in both their private and professional lives. This applies to both individual development, and development in a team setting.

So, if you’re looking for ways to develop your mindset, and in turn, your behaviors, and go from operating at a base functional level, through to someone who is operating much more efficiently and effectively, with a greater level of self-awareness, belief and confidence, then this call is for you!

With that in mind, it is my pleasure to introduce to the show, coach, mentor and speaker, ERIC REID. Eric works with entrepreneurs and business owners to uncover their full potential, and achieve their greatest successes in both their private and professional lives, through his business, Success Life.

During the call, Eric provides insights into his former corporate life, and shares with me the reasons behind why he decided to ‘run away’ from that environment, and towards creating his own business.

I really enjoyed talking with Eric about the importance of teamwork at home, as it applies to helping his children develop, and how this same skill, team work, transfers into the corporate world.

Eric and I explore the topic of leadership and mindset, and we discuss how he draws out his clients deeply embedded beliefs about themselves, and the world around them, with the goal of revealing the real truth underpinning their current beliefs, values and behaviors.

It is at this point that the magic starts to happen. Once the truth is revealed, this provides the opportunity for Eric to help his clients reassess and redirect their beliefs and behaviors, with the ultimate goal being to achieve measurable and sustainable success, both at home and at work.

I had a wonderful time on the call with Eric, and I know you will take away some great insights into personal and professional development.

For more information on Eric’s program, or to contact him directly, click the following link...

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Thanks again Eric, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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The My Future Business™ Show

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