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Interview With Justin Meadows of EvergreenProfit.Com

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Meadows of Evergreen Profit.

Do you run an agency providing websites for your clients?

If so, this call will open up a range of options for your business should you be looking to get PRO-Level WordPress websites made for your direct agency clients.

If you are looking to scale your business and want one arm of your agency to provide WordPress website design, development and ongoing maintenance, this interview is a must for your ears.

I often find the story behind the people behind the business more interesting than the nuts and bolts of a business, and this interview was no different in that regard.

This call could have gone on for much longer given how much knowledge and experience Justin has in his field. So much knowledge, so little time!

Given his location, it became apparent that the online environment was where Justin could really excel, and after providing services across a few related fields, he decided to focus in on ONE thing and get incredibly good at that thing. This is a key secret to anyone’s success – find what you are good at, love to do, and do that ONE THING.

I’m sure you’ll love this call and you’ll see that you have options to scale up the website part of your agency if you are ready for that next step.


Justin has a great resource he is giving away which talks specifically about SCOPE CREEP. This is a particularly important topic for website developers and is a must have if you are in this space already, or want to get into it: HOW TO STOP SCOPE CREEP

I was really impressed with the way Justin focuses in on one thing, the value he places on coaching, mentoring and masterminds, and the way he relates to his audience…oh, and the fact that he’s cool about wearing no shoes whenever – he’s living life on his terms – and so can you!

If you’re looking for someone who can provide white-labelled WordPress website design, development and ongoing maintenance, visit: EVERGREENPROFIT.COM.

Alternatively, click here to email Justin direct: EMAIL JUSTIN DIRECT

Enjoy the call and I’ll talk with you again soon!

Rick Nuske