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Hi, and welcome to The My Future Business Show!

Today, I have an important topic to share that may help you save someone’s life.

With that in mind, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce FRANCES CASTELLI to the show.

Frances, who authored ‘The Kitchen Alchemist’, is the mother of 3 children who all suffer from various anaphylactic food allergies.

As a parent, Frances has had to work through some very serious experiences in which her children’s health and well-being were adversely impacted as a direct result of their individual allergies. In many instances the reactions to these allergies were so severe, they became near-death experiences.

Now, although not a complete list, some common sources of these allergic reactions include consumption of egg, peanuts, milk, and for adults, fish and shellfish. Further to that there are other sources of allergic reactions including sunscreens, lip balms and other products – even being exposed to different animals can prove problematic.

The reality for Frances’ children was that their allergies affected them in various ways i.e. what one child experienced, was often different from another. Thus, making day to day living a challenge.

There are so many sources of allergic reactions including foods and environmental conditions that may affect us, and Frances has been on a mission to work out exactly what is best for each of her children, who by the way, all have different reactions to similar foods.

This is an incredible story that I think every parent needs to listen to – especially if your child, or someone that you love, is suffering from allergic reactions and you don’t know what to do.

With that being said, there is a medical process behind diagnosing allergic conditions, and it goes without saying, that you should consult a medical doctor for assistance in diagnosing allergic reactions that may be affecting you or your loved ones.

I had a wonderful time on the call with Frances, and I know you will take away some great insights.

For more information about Frances, about her book ‘The Kitchen Alchemist’, or to contact Frances directly, click the following link...

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Thanks again Frances, for being my guest on The My Future Business Show!

Rick Nuske

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