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Interview with Franchise123 CEO Jimmy St Louis

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On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, CEO of Franchise123 Jimmy St Louis to talk about franchising, the franchise development industry, and how franchise123 is changing the way franchisors and franchisees connect.

Businesses operating in the franchise space are experiencing a wave of major change, as is the franchising trade at large. Accelerated and elevated adoption of technology; consumer demand for more efficient and on-demand service; and employee appeals for greater flexibility are among the many industry pivots that are evolving seemingly by the day.

These and other kinds of changes and challenges each have their own implications within the franchise space, a sector projected to open more than 26,000 locations and nearly 800,000 new jobs, employ nearly 8.3 million people and contribute $477 Billion to the U.S. GDP by 2021-year end.

The problem, and opportunity, is that the franchise development industry has never experienced the collective and global transparency of franchise data that is now underway. Franchise brokers, consultants and online franchise portals currently dominate the franchise development industry, but these outdated methods do not adequately meet the needs of modern investors. Enter Franchise123.

Franchise123 sets out to disrupt the franchise industry, whilst opening the door of opportunity to both franchisors and franchisees by providing a level playing field on which to post franchises and help franchisees make informed decisions about franchising opportunities.

To learn more about Franchise123, or to contact Jimmy directly, click the link below.

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