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What a unique opportunity it was to spend some time with GARRETT SUTTON on The My Future Business Show today…thanks, Garrett!

Amongst many other notable skills and experiences Garrett shares during the call, one that stands out for me, was Garrett’s close relationship with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame.

In fact, Garrett travels the world with Robert, sharing the importance of financial understanding, and legal compliance as it applies to setting up what is known as a limited liability company, along with many other business related topics.

Now, some might think this is not applicable to them, given where they live, but rest assured, understanding finance and legal compliance is a worldwide obligation which Garrett, and his team can and will most certainly help you with.

Garrett is also a established author with 6 titles to his name, so far. His titles include:

  • Start Your Own Corporation
  • Loopholes Of Real Estate
  • Run Your Own Corporation
  • The ABC’s Of Getting Out Of Debt
  • Buying And Selling A Business, &
  • Writing Winning Business Plans

Impressive list to say the least!

If you want to educate yourself about these, and many other topics Garrett specialises in, then reach out to Garret at:

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