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Interview With Giulio Zecca Innovachievers

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, founder of InnovAchievers Giulio Zecca talking about advancements in technology, how to maximize human potential and build profitable organizations that last.

After graduating with a masters in Computer Engineering (with Honours), Giulio was part of a pioneering team researching the Internet of Things, Home Automation and robotisation. He saw the huge impact they will have on the workplace, so he spent several years in Project Management, achieving both the PMP and the Prince2 certifications, and relentlessly growing into Leadership to have a way to improve the future of work.

Giulio’s mission is to contribute to a society where people do a meaningful work and, alongside, have quality time for their family, relationships with significant people, activities they really care about.

Giulio is passionate about productivity and optimisation; he has a knack for spotting patterns in companies and works with them to achieve long-lasting profits and fulfilment. He believes we are living a revolution that changed the perception of the way we live and work; this is a huge opportunity to elevate the human being towards a better society.

On this content rich call, Giulio shares how each industrial revolution brought the humankind to step up as a collective: education, housing, social norms, safety, working conditions. Giulio explains how this time is not going to be different; it’s just going to happen faster.

Giulio also shares his thoughts about technology and Innovations, and how they are meant to serve a greater good, while Education and Leadership should be used to create better working conditions. And how small and medium enterprises, way more than the big ones, have never faced such unprecedented levels of disruption because of changes in technology, environment, our health and regulation.

In closing this powerful call, to help you be more productive, Giulio is offering a free Masterclass called Work from Home: tips to raise your performance. To learn more about the Masterclass, or to contact Giulio directly, click the link below.

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