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What is Facebook PPC?

Ilana Wechsler Green Arrow Digital Talks PPC

Every time I do a podcast call I have a lot of fun – it’s what I love doing.

With that in mind, I really enjoyed my call with Ilana Wechsler who is the owner of Green Arrow Digital [] located in Sydney Australia.

Ilana is a PPC expert which is an acronym for Pay Per Click – PPC is a popular and widely used advertising process you can use to get people in front of your offer[s].

Ilana is highly respected and sought after from the likes of James Schramko and many other industry leaders. So if you are serious about getting results for your advertising dollars, make sure to contact Ilana before trying to do paid advertising on your own.

As a special treat, here’s a link to Ilana speaking at Superfast Business Live 2017: Watch Ilana Speak Live

The great thing with PPC marketing is that you can control who see’s your offer using demographic and geographic information applicable to your target market.

The real takeaways from this call are as follows:

  • Yes, you can do PPC advertising yourself – although the rabbit hole goes deep!
  • There are particular advertising platforms you should use when first starting with PPC advertising i.e. Google Search advertising
  • There are resources like Green Arrow Digital that can help you avoid the mistakes most people make when starting out [would you like to save time and money?]

If you are starting out with PPC, I suggest saving yourself a lot of pain, heartache and money by finding someone like Ilana and share your marketing goals with her. In turn, if you are a good fit, Ilana will develop a tailored PPC solution aimed at getting the right people in front of your offer.

From here, to get started on the right foot with your Google PPC advertising, and avoid the TOP 10 ADWORDS MISTAKES – click this link which will take you to an opt-in page located on the Green Arrow Marketing website [note: you will not be inundated with emails from Ilana – this is simply the most effective way for her to deliver information to you about PPC advertising] – CLICK HERE

I really hope you took away some value from the call, and if you want to learn more about how My Future Business can help your business, come on in to our NO FEE, ALWAYS FREE Better Business Builder Forum – CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE FORUM

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